Eloya with MAD Lions and G2 Esports, the first LEC representatives at the World Championship

The new and updated LEC format has made teams from the EMEA League of Legends region the last major leagues to qualify. In LPL we already know all four, in South Korea we know two, but this week we will meet all four and their respective seeds, but in Europe we will have to wait a few more days to get to know our representatives and most importantly, their position in the draw and who will face the NA room in an all-or-nothing duel in South Korea.

The first two best-of-five series of this season finale were played this weekend, in which we already know the first two qualifying tournaments for the World Cup. WITH G2 eSports we had no doubt that they would be there, but it is true that mad lions surprised locals and strangers on Saturday with a 3-0 loss to Excel, who arrived in good form after two bad splits.

Which LEC teams can play in the World Championships?

These two tickets have already been confirmed, since at least there will be a top 3 of these season finalesthere are two tickets to South Korea for four teams. Keep in mind that if you are the fourth class, you will have to face off against the NA number, so they will not have a direct ticket to the World Cup, but they will go to this country to play which is the best of five .

The two strongest teams advanced to the summer split, Excel and Fnatic They will face each other in a duel in which only one can remain. Excel has given a very bad image and they will want to make up for it against a team they already beat a few weeks ago in a best-of-five series, so all swords are at the top.

Finally, Team BDS or SK Gaming They will be at the World Championships, or at least that Play-In. They have been criticized in the past for poor sports planning, but in 2023 they have found their balance, leaving teams like KOI, Team Vitality or Heretics in the way. Crack will be the one who dictates the verdict, and of those four, only two can be left with the dream of traveling to South Korea.

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