Drake Callender, the hero in Messi’s Inter Miami shadow

El Inter Miami continues from the festivities after a night out for club history. si bien lionel messi will cover all the focus after being transcendental and looking at the doorOnce more, this time with a goal, the other players covered their field with granite so that ‘Garjas’ would take the first trophy of his showcase to the Tennessee skies. drake callenderWith the job below focus, turned into a great hero and Martino’s fight in the shadows was crucial in the penalty shootout for the ‘Tata’, The United States international goalkeeper is one of several future strongholds of Inter Miami.

In silence and working with transcendental pause, Drake Callender is slowly gaining weight in Inter Miami’s clothes. La de anoche fue su gran noche, as Raphael would say, made himself a giant in the arch to become an angel from 11 meters after 180 regulatory minutes., The archer would be able to give the ‘Garjas’ the advantage after teaming up with Randall Leal in a psychological battle, but inter aun deberia soufrir. As the shooters progressed, the archer had to take a step forward to take the last penalty from Suyos without missing, but the best was yet to come, As he had done with Lil, International would again make a big move to attack his Nashville counterpart, Panicko.

If Inter has managed to win the League Cup, it is Callender’s fault, The archer only had to collect balls from his net in the seven games that ‘Garza’ disputed in the competition, with another exhibition in the eighth final against Dallas. Once again since maximum punishment, once again I befriended to achieve a step, on that occasion, four times and continued to dream with what I achieved, Elgardameta will once again win the psychological battle with the ‘Cowboys’, At 25, he is said to be one of the future great leaders at Inter Miami, with Busquets, Jordi Alba and Messi as mentors.

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