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decision between Johnny Depp Amber Heard was one of the most publicized media events of the last year, as it was watched by 428 million viewers during the six months the event ran. Naturally, because of the show’s prominent presence in the media, it was to be expected that platforms like Netflix could expand this as a source of entertainment in the form of a documentary.

document, whichdepp vs herd”, released on 16 August, and directed by, Emma Cooper; Hablo à la press en lo outlined his vision and purpose with the project. in an interview for DiversityCooper explained that both judgment and documentary tend to ,A level of balanced hatred. I’m nonorgulezko that it will be 50/50, The comment was made in reference to fans and detractors of both Depp and Heard. But Cooper acknowledged that more than endorsing one band or the other, he drew attention to the entire legal process regarding the incident.

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“It struck me that I was essentially watching live retransmissions, commenting on it with my friends and seeing what everyone was saying on social networks. And he asked me what happened to me to take so much interest in a sad incident that unfolded in a personal relationship…”, Added.

From the beginning your goal has always been: “Create a concrete and interesting reflection of what happened without resorting to interviews or experts”.

in interviews with the actors

Cooper did not interview Depp or Heard because he wanted the documentary to be outside the legal process.

“SI’ve always wanted it to deal with the conversation around the court. I wanted to get rid of the blame and direction of judgment and talk about who we are and the way we communicate and how we look at events that really have nothing to do with us.expressed.

The same interview with Variety further elaborated on that point: “In an ideal world, women who do not receive equal treatment in public would be delayed in showing much readiness. I am not inexperienced in this regard. I already know. But I think Johnny Depp is very famous, he is a megastar. Your fans believe Pirates is coming and they love it. And with Amber (in the world of the show) it took about 25 years. So this is a very unusual case. Wasn’t it interesting to see how people fell deeply in love with the man and his personality? That’s really the power of Hollywood.” Reflect the director.

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp.

Even if they have not used their own interviews, they may obtain permission to use interviews used by attorneys during the case. Although the judges had previously acknowledged that they would ignore press activity, Cooper believes he is aware of press activity surrounding the judge.

The director made it clear that judges cannot be 100% marginal to what was decided in the press, despite the fact that it was a petition to the judge in charge of the case.


Emma Cooper is an acclaimed director who has previously produced documentaries such as ‘.Secrets of Marilyn Monroe: The Unpublished Tapes‘O’Louis Theroux: A Place for Pedophiles, It has found its niche in uncovering the truth about uncomfortable or controversial matters.

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