Diablos beat Ventaja 6-3 in Serie de Zona al Gunar

MEXICO CITY – Opener Eric Leal pitched 6.0 innings, allowing three hits and three career runs to hold the Pericos de Puebla attack while the Ocho de los Nueva Titulares en el line-up contributed at least Caught invincible. Diablos Rojos del México take a 1-0 lead in the Série de Zona with a 6-3 win.

The Scarlets went on offense in the first two innings and jumped out to a 4–0 lead. 14 trips to the Invincibles (9-3 innings with runners in scoring position). Julián Ornelas drafted the Notes (who came up with his second zonerón of the playoffs), while Carlos Sepúlveda, Juan Carlos Gamboa, Ramon Flores and Julián León were in charge of building the other four Rays.

That offensive work was backed up by the work of Venezuelan Erik Leal, who earned his first win with the Scarlet Women, making his third start with the team, his second in the playoffs. Wright alone allowed three hits and three career runs in a night of 94 pitches, the gift of the passport, and the stack of four foes. After these six entries from Lil, I was relieved to have collected the last three zeros of the duel. Aaron Brown went 0.2 innings, Ricardo Pinto went 1.1 innings, and Tarron Guerrero managed the defense to draw the final three outs. In the second inning, Poners Arriba won 4–0. On the fourth, the guys reduced the distance with a single (4-1), but on the fifth, Rojos allowed four runs to wind up. The game closed at 5–3 when Chris Carter tripled Friday with a single. The duel continued until Julian Lyon made it 6–3 with a doublet on Octave Tanda.

For this Saturday, Pericos and Diablos will be back after 14 hours to see the faces from Game 2 of Serie D. Zona. The likely starting pitchers duel will be between Hector Sepulveda (Pericos) and Adrian de Horta (Diablos).

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