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This year, the daughter of actor Carlos Villagran, known in Latin America for his role as “Kiko” in the popular Mexican television program El Chavo del 8, revealed through her Instagram account that he had cancer.

Vanesa Villagran explained to her social media followers that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, which had begun to greatly affect her quality of life.

Actually, He chose to go into detail about his process and go into detail about what it was like to live with the disease and undergo complex procedures to treat it.

“Hello, it finally happened. Today I went for a swim, and the strands were gone, it was already something … pretend, hair holes. I asked my daughter to cut her hair, but her hair didn’t stop falling out,” she said. influencer in a video posted on August 19.

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“Then I resigned myself, that’s all, I wear a wig with a cap, so I don’t feel such a terrible change. And today I didn’t cry, it’s part of the whole process. It was supposed to happen, but I didn’t think about it happening this way. No, I know sometimes you think, ‘Oh no, I’m fine and it’s not going to happen,’ but yes, it does happen,” he said in a video posted on August 19.

And he assured that the hair loss occurred despite the fact that he was well fed and taken care of a lot. In addition, he claimed that his wig was “very beautiful.”

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Finally, shared photos of a large amount of hair that fell out during the day. And he has promised his followers that he will share more information about his cancer process, the diet he must follow, and the chemotherapy he will have to undergo.

In addition, he shared a message in which he warned that he had not seen his father for several weeks and expressed the joy he felt when he met him.

“I recorded this video in the morning, after I saw my cute daddy, happiness returned to me, because not seeing him for three months is a lot and more at this stage, Although he talked to me on the phone, it’s not the same as feeling his hugs and affection, my face, my attitude changes, for me it’s a vitamin and it gives me strength and I pass it on and you can see it in previous video,” the content creator commented in the same post.

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