Casa Zondal, that Playa Chiringuito that has conquered Jeff Bezos, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bono or Naomi Campbell

Halfway through the last month of May, Jeff Bezos ordered his 127-meter luxury yacht Koru to dock off the coast of Ibiza. The Amazon founder spent $500 million for the ship and proposed marriage to his fiancée, journalist Lauren Sanchez, on its cover. Taking advantage of Andy Jassy’s shoulders to cover for the past few years, Bezos decided to celebrate his commitment with an extensive tour of the Mediterranean, which he’s also taken to France, Italy, and these days, Croatia (if He can see it recently strolling the streets of Dubrovnik with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom).

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Las Balleras was one of their first stops and in Ibiza they attempted to land at Cala Jondal, which is not surprising as it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. There’s also the Blue Marlin, one of the most famous beach clubs in the world and a must-see destination for celebrities and millionaires since it opened its doors a few decades ago.

Bezos was removed without restriction for an equally contiguous and far less historic establishment, Casa Zondal, a chiringuito that was inaugurated in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic. There I ate some of the best seafood and fish that can be found in Spain, accompanied by wines from Remeluri, La Rioja Alavesa.

In the same month of August, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Mick Jagger chose a similar plan when they were together on the island. And no less than Bono, Messi, Roger Federer, and Naomi Campbell were on the same dining shift last summer (at different tables, that is), according to Testigos who matched with them.

What more needs to be done to transform Casa Zondal in the gastronomic space of our country celebrities International calls (besides one of the most successful calls economically)?

We can start with what it isn’t: It isn’t a beach club and it has nothing to do with your Blue Marlin vehicle. Instead of DJs and thunderous music, what matters is a relaxed and playful atmosphere, where you can immerse yourself right up to your most famous customers, who bury their pie in the grounds and enjoy like no other , even with 350 other diners around, while seated. Tables overlooking the sea (and where dessert can be transferred to tambourines with cocktails).

Finally and finally, Casa Jondal is a chiringuito like ordering canon (of great potential, that’s all) that takes as its base the classic white Ibizan house where it sat some time ago. Nada en es estruendoso, mas bien todo lo contrario: prima el minimalistismo y los materiales naturales (The main elements are silla and wooden tables and sheds, as in many other chiringuitos in Playa de España).

What makes the noise is the food, because in charge of the gastronomic project is Rafa Zafra, the man responsible for the Estemars of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​​​already famous “seafood restaurants”, such as Boutizo Ferran Adrià. Zafra enjoyed in ElBulli and maintained the same suppliers on the Costa Brava, whose historic restaurant (Pere Gotenegra, his partner and collaborator, Anna’s father) de los Adria, produced the best fish and seafood from the Mediterranean. Is. Like the much acclaimed Gamba Rosa de Palamos.

The bulk of Zafra’s success – which has also recently opened a brewery—Marisqueria Mariantes—in his native Seville resides in the location that now has the best sea produce, but he also has a lot to look forward to. In his good time to include his most interesting (and very showy) movements without betraying the essence of the author, something that can be seen in the letter to Casa Jondal.

In this we find preparations of crudo (oysters with trucha and tapioca huevas), cured dishes (scallop with Iberian jamón broth and tomato water), fried foods (there is a lot of Andalusian heritage), such as San fried chicken onions with eros de from Pedro; a la brasa (king crab with cigala trunca or salsa hollandaise) and algun guiso (brown rice with bougainvillea).

Special mention should be made of the “sea specials”, such as your rays or your grilled fish with black butter; And, of course, its caviar special, one of Zafra’s identifying symbols, which makes it one of the already famous tricini of smoked salmon, caviar and bogavante or the huevo of seven yams, with bacon and caviar in Lujo via sigalitas. Makes a typical Guinea.

Casa Jondal is not Rafa Zafra’s first project on Isla Blanca. Previously, he was head of the kitchen at Heart Ibiza, a venue that combined gastronomic experiences (through an alliance with his close friend Albert Adrià), a musical and circus show (in charge of the founder of Circo del Sol). The pandemic took its toll and now Jondal is almost exactly the opposite, but he continues to rely on the invaluable support of Argentine Ricardo Aquista, the one who was Hart’s last executive chef, who knows how to please the customer. Regardless of your celebrity status, visit Ibiza.

Speaking of celebrities, Jafra’s projects have turned out to be veritable magnets when it comes to attracting them. Last year, the immortal Barcelona zeitgeist took over the main restaurant of the historic El Palace Barcelona hotel (formerly the Ritz), where Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg and Bruce Springsteen were served at the same table in April. Interestingly, the international reputation of a Sevillon chef has nothing to do with the Michelin Guide, as it does not or has never had any stars, but you can expect to get those that shine most .

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