Britney Spears will fight for custody of her pets and return her engagement ring. news from mexico

United States.- According to the British daily Daily Mail, Britney Spears I would be even more interested in getting it custody of your pet to keep Engagement ring After her divorce from Sam Ashari.

According to their sources, the former will be in a legal battle to establish permanent custody of their two dogs: Porsha, a Doberman, and Sawyer, an Australian Shepherd,

In regards to property (shared by Brittany and Sam), the most difficult part of dividing any property will be your two dogs. But Sam gave Porsha as a gift to Brittany and she was the one who wanted to adopt Sawyer when I was in Maui,” the source said.

The interpreter of “Everytime” would be so in love with her pet that she would willing to pay a lot for them and expressed his desire to return the year of commitment given to him by Asghari.

According to the Daily Mail, the fate of the American singer is predicted 60 million dollarsClaims to be willing to give her partner a diamond ring, so she already has enough jewelry.

the most interesting thing is Anilo was said to have been obtained free of charge after a benefactor decided to gift it to Sam Asghari.,

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