Britney Spears publishes emotional photos before leaving for Hawaii with the father and stepmother of her children: the singer says goodbye to them after more than a year of separation | people | Entertainment

Singer Britney Spears and her sons, Sean Preston, 17, and Jaden James, 14, will be far apart as the two move to Hawaii with their father, Kevin Federline, to whom the artist was married. between 2004 and 2007.

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As TMZ reports, the “Princess of Pop” signed off on a relocation plan for their teenage sons through her attorney, Matthew Rosengart, at her ex-husband’s petition.

Britney has been estranged from him for over a year due to tensions between their children. In 2022, Federline confirmed that the singer’s sons had decided not to spend time with her and “they have decided not to attend” her wedding to Sam Asghari, to be celebrated in June 2022.

Although it did not go into detail as to why the teenagers decided to leave their mother, there have been rumors of family tension in the past. Federline said that it had been several months since Spears’ sons last visited.

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Unfortunately, the relationship between them took a turn for the worse when the singer started posting nude pictures on her Instagram account, which made the situation even worse.

Is Britney mending her relationship with her kids?

Despite the distance and the imminent parting of sons, the latest publications on the singer’s Instagram account suggest that the relationship between mother and sons may be on the mend.

Britney shared a photo in which she is seen with her son Jaden, when he was only four years old. I put two rose emojis with the image without adding any words.

In addition, he also published a photo of his son, Sean Preston, with the message: “My first love!”.

Although your profile comments are currently inactive, these publications may offer a good hint towards a possible reconciliation in the near future.

Why did Kevin Federline move to Hawaii?

Kevin Federline’s decision to move to Hawaii may be related to the support of his children with the singer.

According to Queen’s Portal, that state mandates that the cost of education for children up to age 23 be provided if it is verified that they are enrolled full-time at university. This indicated that Federline’s decision to relocate may have been partly to guarantee his children’s education and future in the long term.

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The same portal collects that many users of the social network suggest that Federline’s change may be related to the desire to receive more evidence of the safety of his children.

As one user noted on Twitter: “This is happening because the courts can force her (Britney) to pay child support for up to 23 years in Hawaii”, this could lead to her election. Speculations started about the real reason behind.

Little was known that Federline was suing the school where he tutors his other children for backlogs of approximately $15,000 per registration concept. This information indicates that it may be facing financial difficulties at present. (And)

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