Brazilian extra tells how Margot Robbie behaved at the recording of ‘Barbie’

Against the glitzy backdrop of Hollywood, there is one actress who shines: margot robbie, With a booming career and performances that captured the attention of audiences worldwide, Robbie is best remembered for her remarkable performances on screen.

Despite being recognized by a large section of the film audience, the actress has gained even more limelight after playing this character.barbie“, In the movie live action from doll.

The personality of the doll portrayed in the animation has always been that of a delicate, polite and kind girl. But how is Margot Robbie’s behavior in real life?

Brazil reveals details about Margot Robbie recording ‘Barbie’

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Brazilian actress Tana Heines shared details about the process of casting extras for the film “Barbie” directed by Greta Gerwig. he described margot robbieThe protagonist, however, remained respectably cordial during filming.

Heines revealed that she was invited to The Barbie Project via email directly by the film’s director, Greta Gerwig, and shared those details in an interview with the magazine. Marie Claire,

“Greta was not going close to each one to listen to the conversation, she wanted to see how we were moving, talking (…) It was so spontaneous and natural that I didn’t feel like I was acting. Had been. It was really me, as I am.”

Extra also pointed to how Margot Robbie behaved on the set recording “Barbie” and praised the actress’ manner with co-workers.

“Margot Robbie has always been very professional. She was always very polite. It was a very respectful relationship.”

The premiere of the film “Barbie” took place on July 20. movie theaters And the performance continues. This production was a real milestone in Margot’s career, because since Harley Quinn in DC’s “Suicide Squad”, the actress had not played a character with such prominence.

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