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The Wimbledon men’s singles final always attracts the big boys. Y este ano no fue la exception, pues uno de alos brad pittwho accompanied the Princess of Wales up the steps of the royal stage, accompanied by co-star Ariana Grande. Wicked, and Jonathan Bailey. By the way, as is already the norm in most beautiful tennis tournaments, a lot looks like Ralph Lauren and a host of cute and simple outfits.

Brad Pitt and the Basics You Need

but for actor brad pittThe story was different, so the actor, who took rest while shooting for his next film inspired by Formula 1, invoked the impressive power of a point polo shirtA classic from the 50s that has come back into fashion as men’s new favorite garment, and with good reason, because this shirt is loved by all men, it is versatile and easy to match.

A classic fit for all men.Glyn Kirk/Getty Images

in the special case of the star of once upon a time in hollywoodThe polo was presented in drab tones, however, as it stood out among a sea of ​​suits and coats. With a pair of aviator-style sunglasses and a watch you used to wake up to at Wimbledon, this Look It was naturally Pitt: a slightly recharged Hollywood style that works everywhere – even at tennis tournaments with extremely strict dress codes.

It is clear that the set is not as allocated and showy as the others looks like by brad pitt – behind promotion summer bullet train, where she highlighted skirts and leno suits-. But, what more could we ask for? Esto s Wimbledon, a place where costumes are almost mandatory, and Corbetta is essential to the actual stage – apparently not to Pitt. I’d like some esfuerzo. or on point pole Do the exact same thing, but there should still be an element of effort in it.

But to the point, you probably already know what a pointy polo shirt can do, so we took the time to shout about the power of this classic men’s wardrobe item. It is one of those timeless wears that simply works, is more elegant than sporty and is perfect for any function. for marriage? C. In the workshop? Definitely. what about a scene? There is nothing better than this. yes exactly the same brad pitt The high tower of Wimbledon’s central track also has the fit performed to perfection.

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