Brad Pitt owns a vintage watch that arouses the envy of collectors

sounds like brad pitt I have suddenly become interested in the world of horoscopes. Earlier this year, the 59-year-old actor was spotted posing with the new Feldmar watch company Vacheron Constantin Historic 222 Yellow gold and, just a few weeks ago, appeared at the 2023 Golden Globes showing off a beautiful Patek Philippe World Timer. wimbledon 2023 final from this weekend, where he introduced a different version of his vacheron constantin watch,

Of course, the new acquisition of brad pitt -With the potential to tarnish the Rolex of Carlos Alcaraz -enjoying the world of watchmaking on the internet and the most subtle Guinness of the next release could be Vacheron Constantin,

A Brad Pitt Le Gustan Las Vintage Jewels

l Vacheron Constantin Historic 222 Ann is a completely different model than the custian star once upon a time in hollywood for longer than this year. you want to retrieve your hubbles in a version vintage, built around the original release of the 222 in 1977. It’s clear that Pitt was enough of a fan of the new version, which debuts in 2022, to add a collection model to his collection. The biggest difference is that this version is presented in sports stainless steel – yes, not all men die for gorgeous yellow gold.

Vacheron Constantin Historic 222Etiquette

l vacheron constantin 222 gold One of the most important releases of last year, as the watch was originally part of the Hello sports watches Which came from the 70s, including the Patek Philippe Nautilus and the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. And while these last watches became the defining watches of their own brand, manufacturing of the 222 began after only eight years on the market. However, its lujosa sporting sensibility, combined with this short-lived pizzicato, has turned it into a very favorite watch In the last year. Elo’s trial steel version brad pittWhose price according to Watch Magazine can reach up to $ 220,000 Revolution,

At the end of wimbledon 2023 Sunday’s day, where Carlos Alcaraz ended a decade under Novak Djokovic’s dominance, was an instant classic. But the obsessed clockwise corner of the internet would say that everyone gathered at Central Track to see him Brad Pitt’s new watch, Of course, with everyone in the digital world obsessing over it, Pitt’s Muneka companion was the focus of many people’s attention, after all, it is the epicenter of one of the most famous (and handsome) men in the world. what could be better?

But the enthusiasm of this careful election does not end here. brad pitt watch222 made of stainless steel, it was the watch everyone predicted Vacheron Constantin Will be launched for sale this year, after the massive success of the Gold model, it seemed the next logical step. Instead of the Elo, the brand continues to develop its overseas sports model, but that could brad pitt watch Take a Step Forward in an Advertising Strategy That Leads to a New Launch in 2024 Vacheron Constantin Historic 222,

hey to meet the actor**fight Club **Just good taste – and we, loyal watch enthusiasts vintageLet us make our deepest fantasies come true in just a coincidence–.

Article originally published in GQ US.

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