Brad Pitt launches ‘Gardener’ gin

Brad Pitt is not just an actor. AndYou are a lover of architecture and therefore, an apprentice of the subject; You are a writer and director; She’s a model (of course) and now she also has her own brand of gin, Dueno, which, besides being delicious, is an homage to the French Riviera.

While this isn’t the first time that the 59-year-old actor has shown an interest in alcoholic beverages and the tradition associated with them, this is a unique occasion, as he has now involved himself a little more deeply in the expansion and production. As well as in the inspiration surrounding the drink. However, it was not as easy as one might think, as I studied everything related to gin, the drink I chose and also had to contact experts to make the best possible product, entering into the producer and promoter aspect of it. left his hardcore phase behind. , Absolutely.

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A love story for the Costa Azul

As if it were some place in French Provence, Brad Pitt has ventured into the world of fermented and distilled beverages from European country. His first grand approach was from the hand of Angelina Jolie – who was his wife at the time – when she bought the Château Miraval estate, an area of ​​more than 600 hectares filled with trees and a vineyard to be built. Obviously, it’s Provenza, it’s Francia.

With 30 hectares of space, Brad Pitt contacted the Perrin family To form a business alliance and thus it was added to the list of Miraval wines, which are expected to be cited, but are more accessible than other liqueurs in the region. Also with your intervention and permission to do what you want under expert guidance, The thirst that Brad Pitt had for (literally) a wonder drink, I wasn’t quite satisfied until I arrived gardenerA citrusy gin with a touch of flowers that he created in collaboration with Perrin and Tom Nicol master distiller Commodities Specialist.

Brad Pitt has Costa Azul on his mind Due to the fact that it is a beautiful, peaceful place and the Campiraan winds keep you relaxed and your feet on the ground; Asimismo is one of his favorite places to relax and unwind, which is why he tried to create a similar sensation in a drink. For him, the main inspiration is France, especially this region, and he has put his own stamp on it to experience a bit of its sleepy life.


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