beNews Myra Cardi reacts to Thiago Silva’s wife’s statement and threats: “Don’t force me”

Everything indicates that the fight between Myra Cardi and Thiago Silva’s wife is not over yet. After Belle spoke out and denied that her husband was part of the fitness coach’s weight loss plan, Arthur Aguiar’s ex-wife returned to social media to add fuel to the fire.

On her Instagram, Bayley stated that Myra was not telling the truth about the controversy, which left the influencer extremely irate. “He called me ‘this lying woman’. After that, I came out in public and proved with audio and print that he was indeed a liar! After being exposed and caught in a lie, he made another embarrassing “Legend’s made up, by the way”, Koch said.

She continued, “I have many more screenshots of where they came from, so if you want to continue lying and try to ‘fix’ your lies, I will continue to expose the truth. “

Myra Cardi yet again threatens to reveal things that haven’t yet been exposed on the internet: “You and I know that the hole is far down and there are more things that you (and neither will I) like exposed which were made public. So don’t challenge me and accept the reality.”

“What’s the next story you’re going to make? Don’t let me tell you about the mistreatment of employees and associates, because then we move on to another area.”, concluded Koch.

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