Abuelitos Soprenden al Baler Reguetn

age is just a number and this pair abuelitos Representing perfection, you can send a message on social networks to make it clear that it’s never too late to do what you love. The TikTok community was left in awe of the dexterity with which a pair of elderly people danced to the beat of “Titi me pregunto” by famous Puerto Rican singer “Bad Bunny”. If it were Selina and Filiberto, they infected everyone attending the festivities with their iconic moves.

In general, this music genre is heavily criticized Las Generaciones Mas Grande; However, the personalities of the third age set an example by choreographing one of the biggest hits of “Bad Boy” that no one should harm him. The moment was on his official TikTok account “Gañas con cañas”, as he is very active on his social network uploading clips in which he is shown dancing to a variety of rhythms.

Celina and Filiberto in red by Sass in Single Han iconic dance steps On the track, I am a couple who live happily and in love despite being married for 19 years. She has been interviewed by various media where she has shared the secret of her healthy marriage and long lasting relationship. During an interview with Penelope Menchaca for the morning program Hoy Dia on Telemundo, he stated that the chair of his love:

Selena says of them, “When we go to sleep we kiss each other and say: ‘God permit and we return together in the morning’.” deep and full feeling She feels for her husband, while they hold her hand, the couple candid about the ritual bond they do each night before bed and which keeps them closer than ever.

Pleasant surprise!

In the same interview, Filiberto shared that ever since he got to know his life and dance partner tries day by day Despite spending two decades together to win her heart, I don’t think he’s quite sure of his lovely wife’s love:

“You used to do as all people do: open the door, be cavalier, bring a rose, a beautiful perfume, so that you can have it as you wish: with your perfume, with your roses, always, always”, Platico el abuelito About the tricks that helped him keep his wife in love Like from day one.

pair of abuelitos If han hecho tan conocidos, Various brands have sought to promote their services and products, including collaborations with other artists and influencers such as Guyanese, singers, musicians and rappers from Puerto Rico.

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