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  • After the Trails&Tales update, we can find a total of twelve shapes that will be useful both from an aesthetic and playful point of view.

Each new major Minecraft update serves to add more creatures, blocks and biomes to the game. Version 1.20 with the Trails&Tales update was no exception. From new woods to cherry woods, through majestic camels. And all this without forgetting such details as the possibility find a total of twelve blacksmith molds. Today we will tell you how to get them to improve and customize your armor.

What are blacksmith molds in Minecraft?

Blacksmith molds are nothing but a set of twelve items that you have to find individually and that will help you customize armor. In addition, they will also give us the opportunity to upgrade diamond equipment to one of Netherite. Therefore, they are also indispensable items to carry. our protection to a new level solve the most difficult tasks of the game.

How to find blacksmith molds in Minecraft?

From the very beginning, you should know that finding these forms will not be easy. First of all, because we have to explore in different places find each of the twelve existing types of mold. And secondly, because the vast majority will only appear in chests. In any case, we can find them in various structures. Where should we look exactly for each type of mold? We believe that the following table will help you very clearly:

blacksmith mold


silence and protection

Old city

Netherite Upgrade

remains of a bastion


desert pyramid


last city


temple in the jungle


lower fortress


looting posts




last city


forest mansion

high tide

ocean monument

You’ll also be interested to know that if you started playing the Trails & Tales update early on and haven’t played it again, Mojang has increased the chance of all those blacksmith molds dropping. There is exactly the same some have a higher percentage than others. They are usually below 10%. But some, like the Sentinel, have a higher percentage (25% in this case).

How to make blacksmith molds in Minecraft

Surely many of you are wondering if these items can be crafted. And yes. But you have to pay for this: first we had to find this type of mold. Thus, we can always put it on the workbench, even if we only find one shape.

In any case, to create molds, it will be necessary total seven diamonds, shape and matching block (the block will go to the center of the grid, and the shape will go right on top, with diamonds around it). Each time we do this, in addition, we will end up with two forms with only one. And then we can repeat the process as many times as we want.

The fact is that, according to the shape we want to make, you will need one or another block. Thus the Netherite Upgrade and Rib Armor Skin are crafted from Netherite, while Coastal, Sentinel, and Vex Armor Skins are crafted from Stone.

For its part, the skin of the dune armor is made of sandstone, and the skin of the eye armor is made of End stone. Besides, the skin of the muzzle armor is made of black stone. On the other hand, needle armor construction can be crafted from purple blocks, while tidal armor construction is crafted from prismarine.

And all this without forgetting the overseer’s armor design, which it is made of rocky deep slateor the wild armor skin, which we will get with the help of mossy stones.

Customize and upgrade your armor with forge molds in Minecraft.

Finally, we only need to comment on how we can use these forms to getarmor is as cool as it is strong. And the truth is that this is much easier to achieve than making a cast. In fact, all we need is an ingot or a crystal.

As you well know blacksmith table has two cells. And if we want to improve the armor, in one of these boxes we will put any tool or diamond armor, and in the other we will need a Netherite ingot.

You should also know that enchantments and the previous values ‚Äč‚Äčthat the item had are preserved, adding others such as durability and push resistance in the case of armor. And if we want to customize the armor, then we will place it in the center grid slot on the crafting table. After, we will add the selected material for the armor in the slot on the right and… voila!

Logically, depending on the ingot or crystal that we use, we will customize the armor. with one color or another. Therefore, we recommend that you experiment with all of them to see which ones you like the most.

If you need more guides, tricks and tips for playing Mojang, we remind you that we have a complete Minecraft guide that we will keep updating. In her you will find information about resources and materials, construction and craft, game world, multiplayer and servers, cheats and commands, Maud and much more.

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