What is this series about with Dwayne Johnson as the fiery hero

Incredible as it may sound, a series of HBO have come to the catalog of Netflix en españa. And the most unimaginable thing is that this is the second case to do so in just two weeks. If fiction is available from 1 August vulnerable (Produced by ‘Barbie President’ Issa Rae), from the 15th you can also watch another series from Warner Munch: ballers, starring the highest paid actor in history, Dwayne Johnson.

fiction that premiered in 2015 five seasons and 47 episodes and it was captained by ‘The Rock’. ballers It was slowly losing viewers until it was canceled in 2019, and after passing through HBO, the series moved to Netflix. study produced by Mark Wahlberg, In Reese Witherspoon doesn’t have a good memory, And now you will have another opportunity on a different platform. But, what is the first (and so far, the only) series that the Exlucador starred in?

Still from 'Black Adam'

‘Ballers’ Summary

Spencer Strasmore (Johnson) is a retired American football player who, after being off the field, becomes financial advisor For the NFL promises and helps them control their funds (and, of course, profit from it). accumulates such power that he becomes Dunno and General Manager Kansas City Chiefs.

insecure and baller
Insecure and Ballers, despite being from HBO, are on Netflix.

En su camino a la gloria en los dispatches will get with other exjugators and active athletes as well as the different groups of people that will be found in the five seasons that Strassmore will fight for take it higher For both the Missouri tax exemption and on its own.

Part of ‘Ballers’

Along with Johnson, he stars in the series Rob Corddry ,jacuzzi in the past), who will play Joe, a financial advisor who opens his own sports representation agency, and John David Washington, that will premiere next month in September the creatorWho gave life to the very competitive athlete Ricky. they are also part of the series Omar Benson Miller ,CSI: Miami) and Donovan W. Carter.

complete the part troy garrity Like Jason, a super agent of the players, taylor cole as Stephanie, an ESPN reporter who is in love with Spencer letoya luckett Like Tina, the widow of one of Strassmore’s best friends. Also, counts with the series cameo From the floor of Andy Garcia or Russell Brand.

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