What is monkeypox: its symptoms and transmission

Barcelona Public Health Agency announced an outbreak of monkeypox in the city of Barcelona, after discovering 6 cases in the last few weeks. Last year, The World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency of international a result of the increase in cases of infection with this disease worldwide; between July 2022 and May 2023, 87,000 people contracted monkeypox in 140 countries and 111 people. died of this smallpox disease.

What is monkeypox?

Monkeypox, christened mpox by WHO, is a disease caused by smallpox family virus, which is easily transmitted. but it does not represent a high mortality rate. The most striking symptom of this disease – and what makes it especially medial – is the appearance of sores on the skin of the affected, which, when the disease is overcome, turn into scabs and disappear. Other Notable SymptomsThis is fever, exhaustion, headache or inflammation. ganglia. Symptoms usually appear about three weeks after transmission of the virus.

How is monkeypox transmitted?

Smallpox can be transmitted through the bites of infected animalsHowever, the most common cause of transmission is intimate physical contact with an infected person; you can get mpox by having sex sex with someone infected with a virus, or after prolonged contact face to face or get a massage, for example.

Although the risk is much lowerAlso You can become infected with the virus after coming into contact with items belonging to a person who has the disease, such as clothes, towels, or blankets.. A person with Mpox can transmit the disease until the time when he fully recovers, about 4 weeks later; this is when the scabs fell off and new skin appeared.

Is there a cure or vaccine for monkeypox?

There is no specific treatment for smallpox. although, since it is a smallpox-like agent, using the antiviral drugs used to fight it can help the patient recover. To prevent transmission of the virus, it is also recommended to isolate the victim until he overcomes the illness.

Moreover, in Spain Two vaccines are allowed that immunize us against this disease: JYNNEOS and IMVANEX, which can also be used as a treatment for those people who have already been exposed to the disease. vaccination Recommended for people with risk factors who have had contact with infected people, as well as people who engage in risky sexual practices – without protection – or who offer treatment last.

Should we be concerned about monkeypox in Spain?

The World Health Organization lifted the state of emergency last May. with this disease, although It is still important to practice good hygiene and avoid, For example, have sexual relations with people with compatible symptoms or have unprotected sex. For example, in the Community of Madrid In 2022, 25,000 cases of monkeypox were reported in Madrid, and this year the number of cases has dropped to 25.

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