VALORANT: Breeze returns to the rotation

There are only a few days left before the end of the first act of the seventh series. For this reason, a number of changes have been announced on the official VALORANT networks. Breeze returns to the map rotation At the moment it is one of the most significant.

Map rotation changes: Breeze is back

These weeks, the VALORANT community has been focused on developing the VCT 2023 champions. Riot Games, as usual, took the opportunity to announce various changes to the game. We are waiting for new modifications, the first announced was Entering a Breeze map to rotate the map.

Thus, Fracture and Pearl were chosen to leave the competitive queue and card pool professionals. These changes will apply at the start of Act 2 Episode 7that is, at the end of August.

Why are two cards out and only Breeze in?

The explanation is simple. As usual, Riot Games alternated the release of a new character with the release of a new map every few months. This was said to be the case. After the arrival of the Norwegian agent Dedlock, it was the turn new map predictably announced on August 27th in the VCT 2023 Champions final.

On the other side, many coaches openly complained about this move by Riot Games.. This was the case with Johnny, the current FOKUS coach, and Natus Vincere’s own coach, d00mbr0s.

The breeze is back but with a change

As mentioned, Breeze is back in the VALORANT map rotation. However, the tropical map has undergone many changes. All places on the map, from point B through the middle and point A have undergone variations.. Even the legendary pipe connecting the attacking and defending bases has been removed.

Here are some of the changes:

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