Unhealthy toys seized at Villa Devoto and Belgrano

Unhealthy toys seized at Villa Devoto and Belgrano

On the eve of Children’s Day, the city police said that members of the Health Crime and Personal Safety Unit of the Health Crimes Department of the Investigation Department conducted a series of inspections of toy stores in the Villa Devoto, Belgrano and Balvanera neighborhoods, where they were able to verify that the goods were being sold. without government control of ANMAT and INTI, so they can be harmful to health.

“The removal of these toys from sale is a measure to ensure the safety of our children. These toys, which were sold without the necessary controls, could pose a serious risk to the health of our children,” said Minister of Justice and Security Eugenio. Burzako.

He remarked, “As Children’s Day approaches, I want to stress the importance of purchasing products only from reliable sources and meeting the safety standards set by organizations such as ANMAT and INTI.”

The procedures were ordered by the Number 4 Criminal, Misdemeanors and Misdemeanors Attorney, led by Dr. Mauro Tereshko. In toy stores, officers confiscated more than 3,900 custom items from brands like Lego, Pop and Among Us, equivalent to over ten million pesos on the market.

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