the land has been under construction for 3 years and the result is impressive

This feat was accomplished by the creator of the idea and a huge team of players.

Minecraft: Earth has been under construction for 3 years, and the result is impressive
The creations in this game will never cease to amaze us.

As you well know, creation in games like Minecraft is the order of the day. We are facing a game that offers us a lot of mods as well as absolute freedom and the players know this, so They never cease to amaze us with incredible creations that come straight from their heads. Either completely fictional stuff, or recreations of places that already exist in our world, although this time they went a little further.

On this occasion, this player has recreated our world, yes, the planet Earth. And as you could read in the title, We’re facing work that cost ourselves, not only at the construction level … but also time. The user took no more and no less than three years to complete your worksomething logical given what he wanted to achieve. The best? The result is simply amazing.

This is what planet Earth looks like in Minecraft.

YouTuber RTGame is the leader of this project, but he is not alone in this. The New Earth project was made possible by over 300 other players who came together to make it a reality. We’ll then leave you with a picture of what the final result was, and you can also go to the Wiki of the game if you need more information on that.

Minecraft: Earth has been under construction for 3 years, and the result is impressive

This is an incredible project “New Earth”

As you can see in the image above these lines, the project is really crazy. Many people put in the effort to build it all, and yet it took three years, You already have some idea of ​​the scale that this “New Earth” was supposed to be. Another point that needs to be taken into account, and which adds a lot of merit to it, is that it was possible to assemble such a large team in order to cooperate with each other without any problems.

We’ll see what the next RTGame challenge will be, but right now it seems like anything is possible. The map will be available to you soon, we’ll see how the community reacts, but this is something unique. Certainly, the project has a recreation of cities, sights and much morescale 1:4000, and not all the streets of the world are.

But, as you understand, it would be something practically impossible, but for now we still have a milestone that this group of players has reached and We will be very attentive to everything that may arise in the future.. Minecraft will continue to offer us great creations for a long time to come, and as long as they are such dedicated and innovative players, we users will have a lot of fun with it all.

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