the elements hollywood wanted us to have

Although alternative productions are opening up due to the diversification of film festivals and social networks, nothing escapes Hollywood’s cultural hegemony. We all grew up in the United States through the series Pantalas coming to everyday life prince of bel airfeel alive genre movies los goonies,

That’s where we assimilate those concepts possibly They were not rooted in Spanish culture, a phenomenon that is faced with two options: to standardize them as has happened, for example, with many elements of our cuisine; Or romanticize them and wait for them always, how you spend with them prom nights o los trucks de los isados who pass by vecindarios like him los simpson,

But if there is any visible element of gratification in American movies, especially among teenagers, they are institutions. i’m starting with custom tequila he frames scenes of the first secret kiss or other shots that help to understand when a character is popular, unpopular O ninguna de las dos.

Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) in 'Three Reasons Why'
Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) in ‘Three Reasons Why’

Tequila is one of the instruments that a few years ago began to establish itself in Spanish educational centers to play with the backs of young people, something that has its representation in fiction as a whole Aristocrat classWhose seventh season will be released on 20 October.

Other essential elements in every institution of audio-visual production hollywoodian That literature teachers are extremely involved in the well-being of their students is a result of Spanish educational centers and animators having a much greater relevance to the game than to a selected group, for example, as highlighted by those from the series Riverdale or, as long as time is ticking 1994, Las del largometraje death of an animator,

But if there’s one thing that’s ubiquitous across all movies and series, it’s graduation balls that are considered pivotal in their plot. They’ll have to help you with the Pareja and, with luck, you might turn into them. re or en la reina de la fiestaA tradition that at the moment has not spread to most Spanish institutions.

'Lady Bird' directed by Greta Gerwig

Choosing exactly one dance partner is one of the triggers that lead to more mismatched relationships in teen dramas, along with the fact that alcohol is poured into punch and one of the guests goes missing, all Like the guests, they are surrounded by pompous costumes. napoleon dynamiteCheeky organizations How is that alexa demi en la prom night In Excitement or viral dance like el day Jenna Ortega On miracles,

Cherry pie and american kitchen

When students at institutions such as East High in Salt Lake City high school musical arrive at their homes, inevitably with many plants and a careful garden, find Open kitchen and wide two door nevsOther elements that have been standardized only in Spain, where the unification of the entertainment and cooking areas would seem unimaginable were it not for the problem of space.

What about the encimera? United Nations meat pie wetting or MeatloafFrom one side Pie Cereza, que asos llama a sos posters con hojaldre en la forma de cudriculo que que lage obligatorios en los fieranas de las films americanos.

it is also necessary Sandwich of marmalade and cacahuate butter, a product found in them a few years ago Stores specializing in American cuisine But it has become just as popular as cocoa cream because of its height of healthy living, even though it counts among fanatics and detractors alike.

And with regard to the remnants of the festival, instead of taking them to the appropriate container, they are deposited in the Basura shredder, which, apart from speeding up the cleanup, has also created some fear in the cinema… and if any says that the victim Michael Myers n halloween h20,

To end the day, the choices are varied, although there are some that are particularly conservative. One day we were waiting for the son of las hogueras and a las que unos marshmallow – praline Diners tell mysterious stories, talk about their past or sing songs, as in this Ryan Gosling parody barbie,

Most party-goers can go to a secret party in a huge house with a swimming pool and red vases. and, for the less rural, likely to go to an autoscene or a diner Getting used to the cincuenta of the elements that exist in your place in Spain, there are many options to feel like Sandy Olsen and Danny Zucco were in a movie Grease,

y n l dinerwhich can be seen as an example american graffiti n twin PeaksTaste Always: Hamburger with large smoothie, pitada or Montana dey sponge cake Along with agave syrup en su cumbre, other dishes popularized by Hollywood movies and series.

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