The Best Villagers to Trade in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft offers players a variety of activities, from fighting enemies to building structures. However, in order to complete these challenges, players need the right collection of items. This is where trading with the villagers comes into play. Villagers in Minecraft offer different deals, and some villagers have better deals than others.

One of the available types of trade with villagers is the exchange of items for Emeralds. Another type is to use emeralds along with other items to buy what you need. Let’s take a look at some of the best villagers to trade in Minecraft.

Fishermen are great for getting Emeralds. They will exchange Emeralds for coal or fish such as raw cod, salmon, and clownfish.

blacksmith tools
Blacksmiths offer resources such as coal, iron, and flint. These resources can be used to create the desired structures. They can also provide enchanted iron or diamond tools.

arrow manufacturer
Arrow crafters allow you to acquire long-range weapons such as bows and arrows. They also offer enchanted bows and crossbows.

stone master
Stonemasons provide emeralds in exchange for clay, andesite, stone, granite, and diorite. They also offer terracotta and quartz blocks.

Priests can be found in churches and they will give you emeralds for certain items such as rotten meat, gold bars, and a rabbit’s foot.

Cartographers exchange paper for Esmeraldas. They can also provide explorer maps to help you find ocean landmarks.

Gunsmiths offer emeralds in exchange for coal and provide iron armor. They can also provide enchanted mail armor, shields, and diamond armor.

Farmers trade food items such as wheat, carrots and potatoes for emeralds. They can also exchange Suspicious Stew for Emeralds.

Librarians can give you enchanted books in exchange for Emeralds and normal books. The enchantments they offer go up to the fifth level.

weapon smith
Gunsmiths are needed to acquire powerful weapons. They will exchange coal for emeralds and provide enchanted iron swords. At higher levels, they offer upgraded diamond swords and axes.

Trading with these villagers will help you collect the necessary items for your Minecraft adventures.

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