Shakira and Drake, party spoilers in Los Angeles

shakira or Drake Compartiron plan this Sunday in Los Angeles. Colombian singer and Canadian rapper Furon Pilados leaving a festival Celebrated in the West Hollywood district of California.

Publishes another British daily daily MailBoth the artists left the venue with a single ten minutes apartWhich led witnesses to think that this may have been a screening tactic and that they were together at the party.

Asi Lo Apunton is also in social networks, where fans of both artists speculate about possible hypotheses. While some talk about a new romance – Shakira must be thoroughly enjoying her singlehood -, others speculate about a possible collaboration,

This Last Colombian Girl Matches the Most Recent News Is Related to the Pilot Lewis Hamilton from months ago and with which could be enjoyed recently Secret Holidays in Ibiza They arrived after being caught together in Miami, Barcelona, ​​and London.

hamilton cap fixed track

The singer has many fans who aim to link up with Hamilton, and you’ve seen a revealing statement In one of your latest Instagram photos.

Shakira Publico last August 8 a picture from the recording studio With one important detail on the mixing table: a black hat that essentially remembers the people he takes to pilot.

Shakira and Hamilton first met in Miami on 7 May, when Shakira shared a table with Hamilton at the Cipriani restaurant, after attending the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

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