Selena Gomez’s New Song Will Be About Chris Evans

Selena Gomez has revealed the exact release date of his new musical titled ‘single soon‘, which has already impressed all his fans, since almost 3 years have passed since the artist published a theme, but the wait is over and the singer will always have a late comeback next week.

,Sun‘ It turns out that his new musical theme, will go on sale to all the public next August 25, this news takes relevance in social networks, on the ground because the artist will return to music again, the bell rings because, Selena Gomez’s New Song Will Be About Chris Evans,

The song will be the lead single from her fourth album, the title of which is still unknown, ‘Single Soon’ is an anthem of female empowerment that ‘makes’ a little Guineaflowers‘ In Miley Cyrus, the song which broke many records. Various media shows that the famous actor who acted there captain America In MiracleChris Evans would be in charge of rendering Selena’s Xenovios in the song’s music video.

Selena was famous for leaving Justin Biber and recently if they had a relationship Zayn MalikBut nothing could be confirmed, now the artist had admitted that she was facing her low self-esteem and depression due to the fact that her fame has made it really difficult for her to find her ideal man,” I believe it works differently for female artistes, least of all for me. Don’t get me wrong, if a guy has the guts to ask me out, he probably will Pero estoy chapada a la antigua. I’m glad I became Chicos in a day.” Expresso Selena.

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