Ruffalo and Momoa, like DiCaprio, support the referendum in Ecuador on Yasuní oil

Quito, 18 August (EFE). American actors Mark Ruffalo and Jason Momoa joined Leonardo DiCaprio to express their support for a national referendum to be held this Sunday in Ecuador to decide whether to cede one of the country’s main oil reserves. being exploited or not. Located in the Yasuní National Park, considered the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

In a message published on his social networks this summer, Ruffalo indicated that “El Yasouni, one of the world’s centers of biodiversity, is threatened by fossil fuels”.

Hulk’s interpreter says, “This August 20, the Ecuadorian people have a historic opportunity to protect Yasuní by voting ‘yes’ in a referendum, where Ecuador can turn itself into an example of democratizing climate action.” “

On her part, Momoa shared a video with testimonials from Waorani natives, the most numerous native pueblos living in Yasuni, where the woman comments that everything in the city has a price and that in Amazonia she Have access to everything you need. Live in harmony with nature, as their forefathers did.

Aquaman’s interpreter indicated in messages published on social networks that, with this national consultation, Ecuador has in hand “the protection of an important part of the Yasuní tropical forest”.

“We admire the leadership of Ecuador and appreciate the opportunity for Ecuadorians to vote ‘C’ for Yasuní”, the Hawaii act indicated.

A few weeks ago, DiCaprio also spoke in favor of shutting down oil in Block 43-ITT, the deposit under consultation, which produces 55,000 barrels of crude oil per day, which accounts for about 11% of Ecuador’s national oil production. Is.

The American pointed out that, in addition to the vast biodiversity that Yasuní is home to, it is also home to some of the last indigenous communities in voluntary isolation, such as the Tagaeri, Taromenen and Dugakeri, whose demarcation area borders Block 43-ITT. ,

“However, this place is irreplaceable, its people and its lives are threatened by the oil industry”, the actor said of the state company Petroecuador’s plans to increase the production of Block 43-ITT in its Ishpingo field, which is a special closest in form. Intangible territory for indigenous people living in voluntary isolation.

This referendum was promoted by the environmentalist collective Yasunidos, bringing together 757,000 signatures and starting a legal battle with Ecuador’s electoral bodies that lasted almost ten years.

Consultation will only be carried out on Block 43-ITT, the most recent entry into operation at Yasuní in 2016, from which crude is extracted since the 80s on Blocks 16, 31 and 67, which are not affected by this referendum .

According to official reports, since its commissioning, no natural oil spillage has been recorded in Block 43-ITT, which is established on 80 hectares out of the surface million hectares of the national park.

More than 2,000 species of trees and shrubs, 204 of mammals, 610 of birds, 121 of reptiles, 150 of amphibians and more than 250 species of fish have been reported from this nature reserve.

For the government, ceasing operations at Block 43-ITT would mean a loss of $1,200 million per year to the state and $13,800 million over 20 years, figures that environmentalists do not share, which they feel will be very low and that This can be offset by a tax on wealth. efe


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