Romeo Santos in Veracruz: schedule, potential setlist, access

Romeo Santos’ Bachata comes to Veracruz, with a concert that promises to get your fans dancing and you ready to sing along Indecent Proposal, Ares Mia, Ella or Yo, Passion, Hate hey for a secondWe leave you this guide with the schedule, potential setlist, access and prohibited items.

Romeo Santos concert venue in Veracruz

The upcoming concert of ‘Chico de las Poesias’ will take place on August 18 at the World Trade Center of Boca del Rio, located at Boulevard Adolfo Ruiz Cortines No. 4397, Colonia Ylang-Ylang in Boca del Rio.

Originally, the event would take place at Estadio Beto Avila, however, as the local team advanced to the next round of the Mexican baseball playoffs, the organizers opted to change the venue.

Romeo Santos concert schedule in Veracruz

This is the program of the concert of Romeo Santos in Puerto Jarocho, which will take place this Friday, August 18:

  • Doors Open: 6:00 PM
  • Concert by Romeo Santos: 9 p.m.

Possible setlist of Romeo Santos concert in Veracruz

Based on his previous concerts, these are the songs that Romeo Santos will probably perform in his concerts this summer:

  • Formulas, Volume 3 Introduction
  • el panuelo
  • ares mia
  • Sea
  • love songs
  • Hatred
  • without end
  • Immortal
  • help me
  • Promise
  • i drink
  • performer
  • Dog
  • crab
  • volvi
  • she wants to drink
  • forger
  • x if we return
  • sex night
  • Mother in law
  • boomerang
  • same with me
  • hilito
  • los infeles
  • My Heart
  • for a second
  • Marriage
  • ella y yo
  • Passion
  • sus huelas
  • indecent Proposal.

prohibited articles

You cannot enter the concert headquarters with these articles:

  • any kind of liquid
  • weapons
  • tin bottles or crystal objects
  • Cigarette
  • Foods
  • animals
  • projectile or belt
  • artificial fire
  • laser equipment
  • Computer
  • mochis
  • Drugs.

reaches up to

¿'Y si te invito una copa...'?  Guide to Seeing Romeo Santos in Veracruz - Romeo-Santos-en-Veracruz-Horario-Possible-Setlist-Accessos

You are ready to enjoy Romeo Santos concert in Veracruz.

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