Riot Games prepares for significant changes in League Of Legends meta after Mid-Season Invitational 2023

Riot Games is gearing up for major changes to the League of Legends meta post-Mid-Season Invitational 2023. Several rotating champion junglers, including Kindred, Evelynn, Kain, and Kha’Zix, are adjusting for the League PBE. These changes are intended to make the gameplay more balanced.

For example, a Kindred can receive a 20% reduction in the slow of their Mountain Terror ability and damage proportional to life. Evelynn’s Charm skill slow has been reduced by 35 percent, her enhanced Flash skill has been reduced at all levels, and the AP ratio of her ultimate has been reduced by 15 percent. In addition, Kain’s “Blade Reach” ability’s bonus damage ratio will be reduced by 30 percent, and Kha’Zix’s “Isolated Grab” ability’s AD bonus damage ratio will be reduced by one percent to 10 percent.

These adjustments are due to the fact that these four Jungle Champions were among the most popular as Diamond rated and above players, according to the League’s U.GG summary statistics. Each champion has a unique playstyle and can take on different roles within a team, such as the trusty Kindred fighter, the deadly killer of Evelynn or Kha’Zix, or the versatile Swiss Army Knife of Kaine.

In addition, changes are being made to the overall mechanics of the jungle on the PBE. Damage reduction to epic monsters near allies will be reduced by 15%. This change could lead to more sustainable options in the meta, especially for teams that prioritize objective control. The jungle pets “Gustwalker” and “Mosstomper” have also been changed, with the former receiving a 10% movement speed reduction and a 15% movement speed reduction upon killing a monster. The second will experience a 10% reduction in tenacity and slow resistance, as well as a shield reduction at the end of the game.

These changes to the jungle and meta mechanics are intended to make the gameplay more diverse and balanced. Players will need to adapt their strategies and explore new options to succeed in the changing League of Legends landscape. It remains to be seen how these changes will affect the competitive scene and overall gameplay once implemented.

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