Pegadizzo and Reckless: Joey Nebulous shows off the first two steps of his new LP

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The pop project Joy Nebulous was formed by Joseph Farago during his university stage in 2015, initially formed by a group of friends from the neighborhood who sailed together in the sea of ​​youth. Joey Nebulous performed at important venues in the United States, starring indie rock celebrities such as Remember Sports and Soccer Mommy, and expanded their music as Las Olas Expensivas en Una Playa.

In addition, Farago was privileged to collaborate with his musical idol Frankie Cosmos on the single ‘Break’, which premiered in April 2023, in which their voices unite like two confluence streams.

Once Farago left university, new members such as Margaret McCarthy, Logan Novak and Wilson Brehmer joined the band in 2018 and 2019, bringing new colors to the musical lineup. Together, the group planned to create carefree and irresistibly catchy music that would appeal to a different audience within the Chicago rock scene, such as the song of sirens that charmed sailors.

Their lyrics about pop culture, gay relationships and comedic fantasies immediately caught the attention of the city’s gay community, paving the way for the project’s permanence.

Led by Farago, Joey Nebulous create a kind of power pop twee or “gay pop music” as they call themselves on Instagram, mixing genres like DJ. Most recently, Farago re-teamed with Frankie Cosmos’ Greta Kline for the single “Break,” which features ‘Jennifer Aniston’ as its B-side, to be released in the spring of 2023. Connects like.

Today, Farago announced a new long-term, Joey Spumoni Creamy Dreamy Party All The Time, as he and his bandmates have been working on for years, making each song shine like precious gems. His falsetto shines on the lively ‘Joy’s Tour’ and the ballad ‘Dancefloor’. Both themes are captivating and soulful, ideal for those who feel familiar with Farago’s singing style that evokes birdsong.

Joey Spumoni Creamy Dreamy Party All The TimeThe new album from Chicago band Joy Nebulous, released October 6 under the Dear Life label, is emerging as a new music island.

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