Pamela Anderson reveals she hasn’t worn makeup in four years – 8/19/2023

08/19/2023 | 15:11

Pamela Anderson said during an interview with French magazine Elle that she hasn’t used makeup since 2019, the year her makeup artist Alex Vogel died. The 56-year-old actress said that since then she feels comfortable without beauty products:

– She (Alex) was the best. Since then, I’ve found it better not to wear makeup at all (…) I’ve seen all these people with heavy makeup and I think it’s part of my habit to go against the rules, unlike everyone else I am doing

Pamela, a mother of two adult children, says she doesn’t care much about age and explains that she laughs at herself when she looks in the mirror:

– I think we all have more fun when we get older. I laugh at myself when I look in the mirror. Like: Whoa, what is this? what’s happening to me?. It’s a journey.


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