Miley Cyrus Supports Selena Gomez About Same-Day Music Release

Ten years ago, in 2013, katy perry exposure “thunder” and shortly after Lady Gaga with “Applause” , This moment went down in international pop history, Now, many fans are experiencing real deja vu with Miley Cyrus it is Selena Gomez, that’s because both the stars will also be releasing music on the same day! But don’t think that’s a problem, okay? the mood between the singers is very good and There has also been a statement of support on social media,

(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus and @selenagomez)

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On his twitter profile, miley Mocking the coincidence: “Selena Gomez and I are releasing our new single soon. (joke on title) “Single Soon”That means single – or single – coming soon,…I say we used to be young”, Referring to the track itself, “Used to be young”.

To play along, she also reposted an excerpt where she is seen sharing the visuals selena When he worked at Disney.

“And let’s listen to both of them!”, he concluded.

And we’ll both be streaming!

— Miley Nation (@MileyNation13) 18 August 2023

Lady Gaga and Katy Perry also joked about the release “thunder” it is “Applause”

“thunder” it is “Applause” Released two days apart on 10 and 12 August respectively. The mood was to follow every number, every rise or fall, in real time on Billboard and iTunes. All this made a huge impact and became one of the great moments of current pop, with the wide reach of the Internet making the topic one of the most talked about.

it’s like katy perry it is Lady Gaga Stay in this story? Both the singers had huge achievements in terms of songs and at times, they insisted on proving that there was no rivalry between them despite all the ruckus.

(Photo: Twitter @ladygaga and @katyperry)

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