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Avila’s wife and children are aware of the current foreign license. Photo: Captured by Latina – Video: Latina

Yasual Avila is a Venezuelan who moved to Peru a few years ago. However, it is recognized not for its original name, but for its uncanny resemblance to American artist Will Smith. Sadly, his migrant status in our country is irregular and he would be one step away from being deported for not being able to get exotic meat.

lives in avila Lemon With his wife and children, who themselves have regular migrant status. In this man’s case, The Superintendencia Nacional de Migraciónes has detected failures during its entry into Peru.

“Migrations told me that I had a migrant alert and a clearance which is why I entered pandemic”, Told the copycat of ‘Principe del Rap’ as Latina.

The entity gives you a period of no more than 30 days to submit your appeal, as well as your roots in the country, work documents, other requirements.

“I have roots because my family is here. My son has hydrocephalus.”

want to be peruvian and want to keep working

Joshua Avila He asks Migraciones to review their case carefully to analyze what they do and what they give There was an opportunity to nationalize the Peruvian as well as his family.

‘double’ of Will Smith He is a police officer who had to apply for asylum in our country through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) after Nicolas Maduro’s regime began to persecute him politically.

Finally, the popular figure revealed that, due to his resemblance to the North American artist, he had managed to set up contracts to donate to the most needy people in the country, as well as work contracts in other countries. Did, but he could not go for your expatriate status.

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