MG 4 Extended Range already available

With the advent of the MG 4 Extended Range, the MG 4 family will already be complete. Since we were presented with the route sheet of the Electric Coach in Madrid a few months ago, we are coming up with different versions of this super sale in our country. Yes, we can welcome its version MG 4 Extended Range,

L MG 4 Extended Range

The longer range variant comes with, on paper, 520 km of WLTP combined cycle range and battery. 77 kWCapable of recharging from 10-80% in 39 minutes on a constant current charge 144 kW.

Looking at the autonomy data, let’s now focus on your engine. The MG4 Extended Range is equipped with MG4’s most powerful engine 180 kW (241 hp) at 350 Nm which makes it do 0-100 in 6.5 seconds. These gains are based on the new MG platform, the MSP platform which counts with improvements in suspension but centred, a lower center of gravity and rear propulsion.

The MG 4 is marketed in Spain with Trophy finish which comes as standard with 18″ rims, top of the range finish with Bitonno technology, luxury finish which comes with 360 camera, smart pedals, MG Pilot and Navigator with planning exposes. Of the route

as far as its value is concerned MG 4 Extended Range part of 40,690 € in which we have to give away 7,000 € of MOVES III assistance and MG campaign resulting in a Final price €30,480, Worth a market killer price.

So do the full decapitation of the family:

MG 4, Standard Edition

  • Autonomy: 350 km
  • Power: 125 kW (180 hp)
  • 17″ rims
  • from €20,480

MG 4, Comfort Edition

  • Range: 450km
  • Continuous current load up to 140 kW
  • Power: 125 kW (168 hp)
  • 17″ rims
  • from €25,980

MG 4, Luxury Edition

  • Range: 435 km
  • Power: 125 kW (168 hp)
  • 18″ rims
  • Top class equipment as compared to Standard and Comfort variant.
  • from €26,980

MG4, Trophy Extended Range Edition

  • Range: 520km
  • Continuous current load up to 144 kW
  • Power: 180 kW (241 hp)
  • From €30,480 with plan move and launch campaign

MG 4, Edition Xpower

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