Las photos of Lisa in a charming “romantic date” with Frederic Arnault

smoother than black pinkwhose real name is lalisa manobanShe surprised her fans with a series of pictures she shared on her personal account. Instagram, Thai actors are seen having fun in the pictures Holidays on the island of Zakynthos in Greece, while immersed in the waters of its alluring beach. However, some followers have noticed the presence of the entrepreneur Frederick Arnault In one place.

test how much you know about blackpink

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For the past few days, rumors have been rife about the possibility of a love affair between the two. K-pop band member and French merchant. With this coincidence in the same destiny, many fans have speculated that they may have had a romantic quote, which has generated divided opinion,

Are BLACKPINK’s Lisa and Frederic Arnault in a relationship?

Although Lisa de Blackpink and Frederic Arnault have not officially confirmed their love affair, several coincidences and clues point to the opposite. Neither the businessman nor any of his friends are visible in the photos shared by Lisa, adding further uncertainty to these speculations.

lisa from blackpink

Blackpink’s Lisa toured Greece in a very comfortable outfit.

(Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

in images, The ‘Shut Down’ singer lounges on the Greek beaches wearing a sheer white shirt that fits her waist height, Exposing her slim belly. In the following series of photos, you can see yourself swimming in a natural pool on the island and Lucindo a sexy green bikini,

Lisa in bikini

Lisa spent some time in the natural pool on the island of Zakynthos, Greece.

(Instagram @lalalalisa_m)

For his part, Arnault limited himself to posing in front of the camera and only dared to display his new watch, which he called “bubblegum”, in an environment that seemed to resemble a Greek landscape. Please tell that both the posts were shared together.

novio de lisa

Frederic Arnault’s post on Instagram.

(Instagram @frederic.arnault)

Lisa’s fans will support her relationship with Frederic Arnault

BLACKPINK’s followers, known as “Blinks”Han expressed his support for the alleged relationship in the comments to the publication, expressing his happiness if Lisa is happy. However, there are also opinions out of mind,

“I will assume that if Lisa is happy, I am happy too”, “If it is clear that you have a relationship with Lisa, please take care of her and love her sincerely”, and “clearly lisa has read ‘bubblegum’Which is a typical Thai sense of humor”, are some of the comments left by fans.

Despite many people’s positive reaction to this potential relationship, The pair has not released any comment to confirm or deny these rumors,

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