Kylie Jenner in black dress and jewelry to celebrate her 26th birthday at MegaYate

Came into the world on 10 August 1997 Kylie Kristen Jenneris born out of wedlock between benjamina chris (67 years old) and her husband, Bruce Jenner – Today Caitlyn (73)-. They could not even imagine the priests who were still rich and well known Field To the select American jet set, that tiny house will become the family’s first billiards.

this past youth, Kylie Jenner celebrates her 26th birthday And it’s done because only she knows how to do it: away from the worldly noise at an undisclosed destination, Surcando Los Marez at Tien y Con Años Lucazos Para El Recuerdo, a Megayate del Que Pocos Detos.

you can see on my instagram profile little sister of the kardashian clan Luciendo an impressive black dress, backless – The back is completely open – and tied to the butt. Furthermore, the originality of the design lies in the cuts that the piece has at the height of the lower back.

(The “naked effect” trend, an irony that claims female legs.)

Kylie Jenner in an image from her social network.

Social Networks

In another gallery of images, in which Kylie appears to be more relaxed, with less arrogance and enjoying a day at the beach on a private island – with no one around – her younger sister Kim Kardashian (42) Among them wears a sinfin of jewelry that highlights diamonds in brilliant cut and wears a large emerald on his forefinger.

on a personal plan, Kylie Jenner lives a modest life – Discreet limit until you find the time to tell it in your reality – Love story with the boy of the moment, a favorite of filmmakers, Timothée Chalamet, They broke up earlier this year travis scottEl padre de sus dos hijos.

Kylie Jenner in various moments from her 26 Complenos.

(El top de marine serre que anamora a las novias de los fútbolistas (And its male version is irresistible))

Finally, not bad, after several months without clarifying what I called her little boy born a few years ago, Kylie informed the world that the name chosen was Aire — pronounced /er/-. Their first child, Stormi Webster, is a sensation on her mom’s social networks and also plays a key role in the final chapters of The Kardashians, a show that can be seen on Hulu and Disney+.

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