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Having collaborated with world class artists such as: Sia, Beyoncé, Dua Lipa, Gwen Stefani, Ellie Goulding, David Guetta, DJ Snake, Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, among others; Renowned rapper, singer and producer Sean Paul (@duttypaul) accepted the invitation of Farina (@farinamusic) to present “El Vibe”, a powerful ballad that promises to be the hit of the summer.

With Farina’s distinctive power in sound, lyrics and interpretation, this new release gives all the prowess to dancehall, betting on the energy and good vibes between two people. A song composed by Farina in the company of Sean Paul, White Star, Johnny Blaze, Stadic, Chris Marshall and Alonso Rendón.

“It’s a true reality, it’s my whole vibe, all my energy is put into this subject, my expectations are what I’m showing people who are always in constant development, it’s a very commercial song where my interpretation and description stands out with a global sound”Farina comments.

For the video, Farina moved with her work team to the city of Miami to work with director Fernando Lugo, where she achieved an explosion of sensuality, fun and good energy.

“From day one I’ve been dreaming of an island that we saw like we were in a place we’ve never seen before, where the colors reflect the energy. I wanted to use red colors that represent change and transformation that welcome me to the next level of my career. Also use the color red which symbolizes strength without losing the essence of the island which is where my flow and flavor comes from and where Sean Paul belongs.Farina added.

In addition to creating a sueno reality, Fariña demonstrates with this sentence that he is a versatile artist and that counts with a personal seal, which has brought him to forums and the most important awards at national and international level and that he constantly Hai is making it big by showcasing her talent as she is considered as one of the most respected and trusted urban artists.

“El Vibe”, performed in front of over 100,000 people during their concert at the LGBTIQ+ March in Bogotá, was particularly live. In recognition of her background and musical achievements, Farina received a nomination at the 2023 Mi Gente Awards in the category of “Best Urban Pop Song” with the song “La Torta”.

“El Vibe” is already available on all digital platforms.

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