“I will admire each and every film of his”

Andrea Estevez met a star of cinema in Los Angeles:

Andrea Estevez met a star of cinema in Los Angeles: “I admire him in each of his films” – Credits: @Instagram: @estevezandrea

Actress Andrea Estevezwho lives in the United States, shared a post on his personal Instagram account Meet one of his greatest Hollywood idols.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sent a heartfelt message to the victims of the air tragedy

For these children, the actress traveled to Los Angeles to present the musical comedy in which she stars. However, during her stay, she was in for a pleasant surprise when she met Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnsonbetter known dome ,rock,, actor of fast and furious, jumanji or black adam, Dressed in a black shirt and sunglasses, he showed himself sensuous to the picture as he smiled.

Andrea Estevez meets Dwayne Johnson in Los Angeles

Andrea Estevez visits Dwayne Johnson in Los Angeles – Credits: @Instagram: @estevezandrea

“I will admire each and every film of his”, I introduce Andrea Estevez who was overjoyed to meet his ideal. He added, “It’s been a pleasure knowing The Rock in Los Angeles, who is so charismatic.”

Apparently, the two actors got into a chat and they shared highlights of their pleasant conversation: “Thank you for those words. Dwayne Johnson is one of the most electrifying stars in all of Hollywood.,

Reasons for the scandalous alienation of Juan Manuel Garcia to the maintenance of his daughter HannahAndrea decides to continue her life in the United States, where she gives birth to her daughter and continues her acting career.

Huelga in Hollywood: From Bryan Cranston’s stern warning to Disney to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s historic donation of seven figures

However, the imprisonment was a difficult moment for her, as she could not rehearse the performance and, in turn, had to turn red for a few months. “It still matters to me: soy imports. I’m on my way, doing business, Here I decided to do business more than art. Because I have an import license and I am moving a winery here from Argentina, I already have a contract, I have a workshop”, indicated in a dialogue on Net TV in 2022.

It also tells about your business side. “Here’s a Sake Meal brand of purses and zapatos called ‘Hannah by Andrea Estevez. Currently, I am selling online and I am ready to set up a stand in some malls, I have 200 million jobs. I can’t do more. Besides, I have also kept a department for renting out to tourists”, he indicated.

Luis Miguel returns to Argentina to act in several shows on Movistar Arena. At the core of this event, a strong expectation was created among those who entered the program American breakfast (US) dialogue Andrea Estevezwho had a romance with Luis Miguel and revealed some exclusive details about their relationship.

,spend six or seven nights with her, when I was in Obras I went to all the forums, then I went to Mar del Plata, where there was a show and it works, and we finished the tour in the country through Córdoba. Then we went to Los Angeles twice, stayed in a hotel with her, and We celebrate in Miami Su Complenos”, reports Estevez, who detailed what it was like to be with the artist.

In the same line, he commented: “He was a super horseman, educated, good sense of humour, friendly, friendly marriage and surrounded by an intimate circle with his brother. In all the moments we shared we were with someone else that wasn’t you,

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