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If you are one of those who lie in bed, fall asleep for too long and do not know what else to do to end insomnia, because you do not need to take pills or perform complex techniques, but resort to techniques that give you peace of mindthey fill your room with a delicious scent and you feel like you’re in “relaxation mode” to improve your quality of life.

The feng shui philosophy, based on finding balance and bringing positive energy to the places we live, recommends using aromatic herbs for relaxation, as well as giving your room a rich, natural scent that will give you restful sleep just by closing your eyes.

By following some simple techniques, you can create a space surrounded by calmness and relaxation, and thus improve the quality of sleep, because if you do not do this, obesity, diabetes, a weak immune system, among other diseases can occur.

Steps to good sleep

For good sleep quality, it is important not only the number of hours of sleep, but also uninterrupted rest, without waking up one or more times a night. Apply these tips to achieve this and activate your “rest mode”.

1. Prepare your sleeping environment: Having the right environment plays an important role in going to bed and in the quality of sleep, so it is important that the bedroom is dark, calm and cool. You can use blackout curtains, ear plugs, and if possible, find a white noise device to minimize potential interference. Similarly, it is important to look for a comfortable mattress and pillows as they are essential elements for restful sleep.

2. Connect through your senses: Start by spraying a relaxing room spray, perfect for transforming your room into a warm and welcoming space. Then, to enter “rest mode”, take three slow deep breaths.

After finding a comfortable position, apply relaxing body lotion to the neck area in circular motions. Then use your index and middle fingers to massage behind and below your ears and repeat the movement for a few more seconds.

Fiorella Solari, product marketing manager at Natura, also recommends improving sleep quality by applying Tododia Todanoite with relaxing chamomile and lavender tea to relaxation points like the wrists and neck. Be sure to massage with gentle circular motions.

3. Set sleep mode: Having a regular bedtime and wake up time is important for keeping your body clock in sync, so try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, even if you don’t have many tasks or activities. do. This small change will also help regulate sleep patterns and improve the quality of rest.

Other tips you can apply: Take a warm or hot bath before bed; avoid daytime sleep; Stay away from blue light emitted by electronic devices for an hour or two before bed.

4. Control your food and drink intake: lThe food and drink you eat before bed has a significant impact on your sleep habits, so you should eat light, decaffeinated foods and drinks.

To relax the body after a hard day at work or school, McColin’s recommends taking a relaxing infusion based on valerian and lemon balm, which will help you feel more comfortable. In addition, you can choose Buenos Sueños, which also contains valerian, lemon balm and chamomile, which contribute to a good rest.

Similarly, if you have eaten a heavy meal that makes it difficult to fall asleep, take McColin’s Digestive, which contains chamomile and boldo, as they help digest food quickly.

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