How not to catch a cold in summer

It only happens to you, or so you think: wait for the holidays to grab cold! But the truth is, it’s not that uncommon. This happens much more often than it seems. In fact, approximately 20% of colds occur in the summer, especially in July and August.

Among the reasons responsible for this is air conditioner and heat waves. But they are not the only ones. We tell you the main reasons why you may have constipation in the middle of summer and how, if possible, to prevent it from happening to you, and so that it does not ruin your vacation.

Why do we get colds in summer?

There are several reasons why we catch a cold in good and hot weather. “We get colds in the summer sudden changes in temperature which are produced mainly by air conditioners of houses, offices, shops, restaurants…. Also for drinking very cold drinks. Or taking a bath with water that is well below body temperature,” warns Jose Antonio Valdes Gonzalez, pharmacist, journalist and natural products researcher for Lanier Pharma.

The expert explains that “when moving from hot to cold and vice versa, irritation of the nasal mucosa can occur, which facilitates the penetration of rhinoviruses, which at this time are the main culprits of colds.” This is the main cause of colds in the hot season.

Proper use of the air conditioner

Hence, it is understandable that air conditioning stands out as one of the main causes of summer colds. However, the problem is not with this device, but with the misuse that we can make of it. If you’re one of those people who cut temperatures a lot, be aware that, according to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the ideal temperature for air conditioning will range from from 24ºC to 26ºC. If you feel like this cold isn’t enough, do a simple test: go outside and when you’re warm, come back inside. You will notice the freshness that is in your home, or car. And that’s exactly what your body notices.

In addition, this way you will save on the bill, as experts recommend. If you lower this temperature, you will increase your risk of catching a cold. Be careful not to switch quickly from too hot to too cold and vice versa. Gradually, you help your body acclimate.

Differences between summer cold and winter

You might think that summer colds are very different from those that occur in the cold season. However, Valdes Gonzalez put an end to this idea with a stroke of the pen. The only thing that changes is your perception of the symptoms. “Both the summer cold and the flu are the same as any other time of the year. The only thing that can change isThe reasons that gave rise to them at one time or anotherExplain. “But it’s true that a cold is more annoying in summer than in winter because, regardless of the symptoms, it can ruin your vacation if you have to rest,” he adds.

How not to catch a cold in summer

Apart from air conditioning, there are other factors that can lead to constipation. Pharmacist and researcher José Antonio Valdez Gonzalez of Lanier Pharma does not provide advice on how to avoid it if possible.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature. “One of the main tips on how not to catch a cold in the summer is to avoid sudden changes in temperature inside and outside any room at all costs. In many cases, we exceed the norm in the use of air conditioners, as well as excessively cold drinks, ”the expert emphasizes.

Strengthen your immune system. “Caring for and protecting the integrity of our immune system is essential to avoid colds that can ruin our summer,” explains the pharmacist. In addition, he suggests “using natural supplements to prevent infection by viruses and bacteria.”

Follow a balanced diet. A varied and balanced diet is also key to avoiding colds as much as possible, as it contains essential micronutrients to help protect you. Fruits and vegetables are your allies. In addition, many other substances should be mentioned, such as vitamin C, zinc, selenium, beta-glucans, echinacea or propolis, which also strengthen your immune system.

Drink water. To maintain proper hydration, water is essential. Add a few cucumber slices, half a lemon, and/or grated ginger. So the taste will be richer, and you will drink more. “In the summer heat, our body sweats more, which leads to faster dehydration. To do this, it is important to make sure that we give him as much water as possible during this season,” explains Valdez Gonzalez.

How to treat a cold

If, despite everything, you still caught a cold in the summer, Valdes Gonzalez also offers us a series of recommendations for its treatment.

Don’t use antibiotics. “The cold is a viral (not bacterial) infection, so our own immune system will fight the pathogen. In this sense, we must remember that antibiotics are ineffective for colds,” warns the researcher.

Rest, a lot. To help your body, it is important that you rest. As much fun as you want on vacation, it’s time to take care of yourself. “In order to recover as quickly as possible, it is important to take a few days of rest,” confirms Valdez Gonzalez.

For fever: antipyretic. “If necessary because the temperature rises above 37.5 ºC – 38 ºC, take an antipyretic,” he suggests.

Complete hydration. Feel free to drink water or infusions, which can also help you sleep if possible without theine or other stimulants. “Especially for summer colds, it is also important to stay properly hydrated and drink enough fluids, especially water and infusions,” he emphasizes.

Air out your room. As the pharmacist explains, “properly ventilating the room in which we recover will also help get rid of the virus that causes the common cold as quickly as possible.”

Maintain a stable temperature. “Don’t expose yourself to temperature fluctuations,” he recommends.

Wear light clothing. This will help you feel better and keep your body sweating until you say goodbye to that pesky summer cold.

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