How beautiful! ‘Moana’ live-action remake gets fan trailer starring Dwayne Johnson and Zendaya

a fan-made trailer of reconstruction In live action In ‘moana’ went viral on the internet, and brings dwayne johnson and zendaya like heroes.

The video is absolutely stunning and looks official, even though it isn’t.


Information indicates that the feature film will be released in theaters 27 June 2025 (i.e. more than two years from now).

Thomas KailBroadway Tony Award-winning director famous for the success ofhamilton‘, was chosen to command the new version.

actor Dwayne Johnson Will star in and produce the film in partnership with his company Seven Bucks Productions Danny Garcia it is Hiram Garcia, Beau FlynnFlynn Picture Company will also be involved in the production.

Jared BushResponsible for the screenplay of the original film, will also handle writing the screenplay for the remake Dana Ledoux Miller,

missing that live-action remake ofMoana: Ocean of Adventure‘ was announced in April by Johnson, who plays Maui in the animation.

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“It’s an honor to say that we are bringing the beautiful story of ‘Moana’ to the big screen!
Maui changed my (Miss Grandpa) life and I’m honored to be associated with it
Disney will tell our story through song and dance, which is at the core of who we are as a Polynesian people.Johnson wrote on his Twitter.

,Moana – Sea of ​​Adventure‘ was inspired by Polynesian myths and told the story of a young woman who disobeys her father, the chief of an island facing an impending ecological disaster, and reunites a mysterious object with its owner, the goddess Te Fiti. Goes out to meet. Along the way, she frees Maui from her island prison, held by a monstrous crab, and finds the strength to become the leader her father believed she could become.

Remember the Animation Trailer, Available Here disney+,

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