Health problem carried by Daniel Sancho: isolated from the rest of the prisoners

Murder and dismemberment organized and recognized Daniel Sancho Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta This has become the most publicized case in recent weeks, not to mention the summer, due to the amount of information that the son has. Rodolfo Sanchowho has been in a Thai prison on Koh Samui since August 7 last year.

Sylvia Bronchalo, his mother, went to said prison to meet her son for the first time since what had happened. The meeting, which he shared with the press, where he assured that Daniel “much better” And “calmer”despite the health problems he carries, as he stated Vincent Cachorepresentative of the Spanish Embassy in Thailand.

The trunk of the interpreter is isolated in nursing module for “four-five people” for a herniated disc. It should be remembered that the prisoner knows the interiors of this place, as he had to sit in a ten-day quarantine due to the COVID protocol. However, it is expected that in the coming days he will be included in another module, where he will coincide with many other prisoners.

Kacho admits that the detainee is aware that the death penalty is being asked, although he has enough mechanisms to evade the sentence that he faces and that he was declared Surachate Hakparn, Deputy Chief of the Thai Police, better known in the media as “The Big Joke”. “This is a planned murder, which usually requires the death penalty.“.

The new prison that awaits Daniel Sancho

Daniel Sancho is on the premises of Koh Samui prison awaiting trial after pleading guilty to the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrieta. However, there is a possibility that the accused could be transferred to bang kwan prisonin Bangkokmaximum security prison where he will serve his sentence.

One that has the most dangerous prisoners in society, such as dangerous criminals with convictions for very serious crimes, such as traffickers, rapists, and murderers. “I can swear that the prison was opened about 70 years ago and has always had a very bad reputation.. The prisoners are overcrowded, sometimes there are dozens or even hundreds of them in one cell. Until 2013, they wore shackles not to keep them from moving, but to keep them from running and kicking them,” said Antena 3’s Adrian Foncillas.

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