Ghosts Get All Their Fun 2: What Can We Expect From Tim Burton’s Sequel?

Michael Keaton in Ghosts Have Fun Graveyard
Ghosts Have All Their Fun 2 (Drama: Warner Bros. Pictures)

More than 30 years after the release of its first film, finally, ghost fun 2 ,Beetlejuice 2), ready to reach the cinematic scene, and far beyond its director Tim BurtonThe sequel promises to include classic established elements including a talented cast.

A Warner Bros. Search Its continuation was formally confirmed a few months ago, with the return of familiar faces such as Michael Keaton it is Winona RyderIn addition to the exciting addition of willem dafoewho should be part of the cast as the “policeman from across”, and Jenna Ortega ,wandinha) as Lydia’s daughter.

details about the plot of ghost fun 2 remain unexplained, but the bizarrely fun events seen in mid-1988 have provided plenty of speculation about continuity, and how the classic universe is likely to remain one of pop culture’s most beloved franchises.

What exactly will we see in Ghosts Have Fun 2?

The end of Adam and Barbara Maitland

Adam and Barbara at Beetlejuice
Playback: Warner Bros. pictures

interpreted by Alec Baldwin it is Geena Davis In the 1988 feature film, unfortunately, ghostly protagonists Adam and Barbara are not expected to return in the ongoing sequel, as no actors have expressed public interest in returning to the universe, or have been included in the cast. .

It can’t be all bad. As far as the ghosts are concerned, the couple’s disappearance in the events of the second film may prove that, in fact, the Maitlands received a “light” on another plane that took them out of the picture, but gave them a respectable life. Gave respect ending.

Lydia’s family

Lydia under the green light in Beetlejuice
Playback: Warner Bros. pictures

Winona Ryder However, her adult version has already been confirmed to reprise the iconic and rebellious role of Lydia. Leaked photos from the sets of the sequel suggest that the character will have a daughter played by none other than himself. Jenna Ortega,

The original film showed no interest in the young woman wanting to start a family, which is one aspect of the character. ghost fun 2 Will be able to present in front of the fans.

The return of the scariest thing of them all: Beetlejuice!

Beetlejuice Trapped in Beyond
Playback: Warner Bros. pictures

Regardless of the possible outcome for Adam and Barbara, it is clear to say that Beetlejuice, the sarcastic and demonic entity Michael Keaton, will not follow in the footsteps of his film colleagues. The character is somehow trapped in the beyond, and his return is inevitable.

It is not known how the character will return to torment Lydia and her family, but it is possible to conclude that someone close to the other central characters will somehow have to summon the demon, bringing him into yet another series of bizarre hauntings. , either by an object, or by other scheme to reach.

Beetlejuice (1988) Trailer #1 |  Movieclips Classic Trailers

those days, ghost fun 2 Its production has stopped due to current hollywood strike, while it is already known that the feature should take from the same source as its original title, and eschew the CGI of great blockbusters and take advantage of more practical effects. the sequel is about to premiere 6 September 2024.

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