Ed Sheeran to release new album in autumn –

Ed Sheeran has announced that he has a new album coming. According to British singer-songwriter and journalist Andy Cohen during an interview, it is “an album about autumn”. Sheeran says that I wrote this new album after writing the previous album ‘Subtract’ and I prepared it last year. Sheeran has indicated that “I have no expectations” from this new job.

The reason for Sheeran’s interview was a special concert presented by the “Shape of You” writer in the Hamptons, New York, sponsored by SiriusXM, and featuring stars such as Paul McCartney, Gwyneth Paltrow or John Mayer.

On the network, Sheeran has been dropping hints about the arrival of new music. On 1 August, it was announced that “Ottono is on his way”. And, in the past few hours, Sheeran has published a television commercial promoting the sale of a basket that should be filled with items related to autumn, such as scented candles or tea.

Another promotional action by Sheeran relating to the arrival of his Autumn album is the publication of a telephone number (+1 917 909 4498) which, when dialed, responds with a message from Sheeran informing the singer that all baskets promoted They are tired. However, Sheeran said that more baskets would be put up for sale on 24 August. It looks like this time there will be new Sheeran music.

In the above interview, Sheeran clarified that the album would not be released in October, giving the artist enough margin to release the album in November or December.

‘Subtract’, Sheeran’s latest album, came out last May, backed by the successful single ‘Eyes Closed’.

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