Drake is inspired by animal print for his new collaboration with Nike

If Travis Scott takes on the Air Jordan 1 and Billie Eilish takes on the Air Force 1 why not Zapatilla from Paloma’s firm belonging to rapper Drake? it’s about the new people nike nocta hot step light bone Who want to surprise with their reptile design.

las nike nocta hot step light bone d drake

The new model, developed in collaboration with Drake, is a modernized version of his air terra humra, but with individual details and a plan inspired by ball baskets. And this is also the first update of NOCTA’s specialized footwear.

Photos: Nike

Combining tough aesthetics and off-court appeal, the new Nike NOCTA Hot Step Lite Bone stands out effortlessly. retro sports dna Crafted by Nike, for both the basketball court and trails with traction and comfort in mind, while maintaining a sleek design.

Photos: Nike

Printed graphic follows the eternal animal print trend textured leather Which simulates snake skin in minimal tones with exquisite sparkle of glitter.

The entire upper and tongue of the shoe are decorated with premium leather with a snake print, padded side panels and reliefs define the silhouette, and oval perforations with reflective coatings give a subtle highlighted touch.

Photos: Nike

The remastered gum outer shell and front zoom air bag in Air Terra Humara color retain the sporty chunky style, while the NOCTA adds touches in blue, Los reflective detailsThe G-Tech brand on the heel and the Zapatillas emblem on the tongue perfectly reflect its versatile design.

The new Nike NOCTA Hot Step Lite Bone by Drake is now on sale at with price $4,199 MXN.


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