Do stainless steel pans cause weight gain? Nutritionist Reveals the Truth

In our search for an ideal weight and a healthy lifestyle, we often focus on important decisions: what diet to eat, how much exercise, what foods to avoid. However, sometimes small everyday decisions can make a surprisingly big difference. One of those decisions that can go unnoticed in our daily life is the choice of kitchen utensils that we use, in particular pans.

Something so commonplace in our kitchens can be the key to getting us closer to our goal of losing weight or further away from it. So what do we need to know about these culinary companions in order for them to work for us in the fight against extra pounds? According to nutritionist Gil Treviño, one of the most active on TikTok, it’s best not to use a stainless steel pan.

Too much butter and extra calories

Calling stainless steel pans “terrible” for everyday use, Trevigno points to a key problem. These pans require a significant amount of oil to keep food from sticking. Undoubtedly, in a restaurant, this results in excellently seared steaks and pastas that explode in flavor. But in home cooking, this cooking method has a catch: more calories.

In other words, we may accidentally fall into the trap of using more oil than necessary. What professionally translates into delicious and presentable dishes becomes a hidden source of extra calories at home. These extra calories accumulated day after day can interfere with your weight loss and wellness goals.

It is better to use Teflon pans.

As such, stainless steel pans may not be the smartest choice for those looking to control their weight. But don’t get rid of your pans just yet. Trevigno also offers a solution: Teflon-coated pans.

The main feature of Teflon-coated pans is that their non-stick surface reduces the need for oil. The problem is the calorie math. Less oil not only means less fat in your diet, but it also greatly reduces the amount of extra calories you may be consuming without even knowing it. In short, cooking with Teflon can lead to gradual and sustainable weight loss over time without compromising the taste or texture of your favorite foods.

However, as with many other things in life, this decision is not without its own caveats. Trevigno warns about special care for Teflon-coated pans. They should not be used at high heat, as this may damage the non-stick coating and therefore reduce its effectiveness.

In addition, the choice of Teflon-coated cooking utensils is critical. Nothing aluminum. Wooden or plastic utensils are recommended options. They do not scratch the surface, keeping the non-stick coating intact and functional. The wrong choice can not only damage the pan, but also expose you to potential health risks if the non-stick coating gets scratched.

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