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Aesthetics is of great importance in the current market. Many users give more importance to the design than other aspects in the car and this is where the SUV trend is such a big win. This has prompted manufacturers to diversify into this type of bodywork and launch more and more Los Lamados SUV Coupe, Although this is a movement that used to be more present in models from premium brands, it is now also present in generalists. even in some people like them Citroen C4 X With an impressive quality-price ratio.

The C4 X is the model that walks between the regular Citroën C4 and the classy C5 X. Design keys for different bodywork, being able to find the facilities of saloon, todocamino and even coupe. The point is that personality is revealed through the eyes, which potential customers want to like on an aesthetic level. In some cases you are successful and in some cases you have to prove yourself with other qualities. l Starting Price 23,155 Euro Could be an important market.

Considering the current tariffs, it is a good deal, which is reaffirmed with other benefits like technology and quality being on par with expectations. Of course, the Citroën C4 X Enter them with some optional elements Como Los Advanced Comfort seats or Smart Pad Support, exclusive to the French firm. interior space isn’t bad at all and it 510 liters trolley It is above average, although it also has the downside of having a gate and no door, which complicates access to the bottom.

On the other hand, the behavior of C4X with gasoline engine More capable than we tried, it’s pretty cool. It is also available with an electric, diesel engine, or in another gasoline version with less power; So perhaps the most interesting thing is the 1.2 Puretec with 130 hp. Behavior is balanced, although they are always looking for more on-the-go comfort That mobility.

so this copy is clearly covers most needs The time that has been presented with that picturesque image that will mesmerize many.

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