Celebrating World Photography Day this Saturday, August 19: Some iconic images that have marked history

l world photography day Celebrated every 19 August since 1839, the year on which, on the same date, Louis Daguerre presented his latest invention to the French Academy of Sciences: the daguerreotype, which allowed an image to be captured through a chemical process, and whose So I took a step towards the development of photography.

The French government bought the process so that everyone could use it freely and without a patent, and declared that photography had been invented in the city of Paris.

Louis Daguerre.

However, World Photography Day was established from a Australian photographer Korske Ara’s initiativeDue to which its spread and importance is increasing.

Since 2007, it has promoted a photography contest in which anyone can participate and whose purpose is to raise funds for an organization for the medical care of children. Anyone can participate, and it grew from 250 participants in the first year to over 500 million people in 2017.

What is Daguerreotype and who was its inventor?

daguerreotype includes Acquiring an image on a polished silver surface, which acts as a mirror where the image is reflected. The invention is named after its creator, Louis Daguerre (1787–1851), who perfected Joseph Nicephore Niepce’s technique in 1839 as he worked until his death. Since then, the daguerreotype has spread throughout the world, starting with the French Academy of Sciences, under the guarantee of strict secrecy.

Those first images were listed as “miraculous cases”, I think they prompted the French government to negotiate rights to the invention, paying a lifelong pension to Louis and Niepce’s son Isidore.

The Imagen del Bulavar du Temple, obtained by Daguerre in 1838, is considered the first photograph in history.

The process consisted of fixing an image using silver bromide, which was dispersed on a heated base of common salt and exposed to mercury vapor, which disappeared after a certain amount of time. An innovation that Daguerre contributed was to submerge the plancha in a solution that would stabilize the image.

In 1838, Daguerre visited the Boulevard du Temple with the exhibition nearby at 10 minutes. This picture is considered to be the first picture. Photographs of a boot cleaner and his client are seen. Prior to this, Lewis had experimented with other scenes of Paris and with various bodegons.

Photo of a beam taken at a low shutter speed. (Ana Isla)

Since that proclamation of Francia in 1839, public demonstrations have taken place in several countries such as Portugal, Spain, Brazil and the United States. In 1840, the innovation arrived in Mexico and Uruguay, and a year later in Colombia.

luego, Photography developed in Argentina between 1840 and 1860. In this first phase, several attempts were made to copy Daguerre’s technique, but the high cost did not allow much dissemination of the photographic process. In 1843, when La Gazzetta Mercantile appeared, John Elliott offered his services to produce images using this method, thus becoming the first professional photographer to work in the country.

Photo of Paloma taken with high shutter speed. (Ana Isla)

Professional or amateur photographers can join in the celebration of the day by sharing images via social networks using the hashtag #worldphotoday hey #DiaMundialDeLaFotografia,

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