calvin harris + tinashe + slayter + hannah diamond and more

This summer’s music pick comes with a high-octane video Calvin Harris or Sam Smith, the new one Tinashe and a banger electro d killer, Also we will listen perfect picture In hannah diamond, three new tracks from jean dawsona collaboration of eye dress or mac demarco and many more. Let’s get started!

1. Calvin Harris + Sam Smith, Desire

Sam Smith and Calvin Harris The new video for their collaboration features heating engines Desire. In the thrilling video, the singer unholy and from dj one kiss Sporting a NASCAR inspired look while doing donuts in the parking lot and cruising the highways at full speed with a bunch of rebel drivers. Harris and Smith have worked on several first-class collaborations over the years, and Desire follow the launch of Miracle from harris conn Ellie Goulding at the beginning of this year. He also released his LP Funk Wave Bounce Volume 2 in 2022, which includes themes from 21 Savage, Lato, Normani and Justin Timberlake.


2. Tinashe Requirements

Tinashe I said it has come Pistoletazo de salida a su nuevo musical project con Requirements, As the title of the song suggests, Tinashe It lets you know your needs in the theme with suggestive and sexy lyrics with thumping beats. In the accompanying video of the song, Tinashe And your device is dancing in an empty supermarket. In a spicy scene, Tinashe Appears naked, covered with sausage. The theme is related to your next album, BB/ANG3L, which he will publish through Nice Life Recordings from the producer Ricky Reed.

3. killer, erotic electronic

killer He’s already counting down the days to the release of his second album starfucker 22 Sep A project based on the obsession with fame, sex, fatal women and celebrities. It is the second of these subjects that serves as the basis erotic electroniclast single from the album out of time or Miss Belladonna. The song is a sultry electro-pop banger full of lust and lust and it’s accompanied by a video killer It attracts the eyes of many curious people as you walk down the street half-naked, with only black thongs protecting your modesty. killer I commented on the video on social networks: “I hope it makes you feel something (Kachondo)”.


4. Hannah Diamond, perfect picture

hannah diamond Will publish a new album this autumn: Se Lama perfect picture, and include recently shared themes Assertion, as well as the theme that gives the title to the album, was published today. ,perfect picture This is the song that Pistoletazzo gave me for my collaboration with the producer Dave Gamson, when we met you on our first trip pcmusic LA″ in 2016, Hannah explains. “Since then, Dave and I have had countless conversations about what exactly makes a perfect pop song. We both strongly believe that everything depends on how well the song captures the essence of the artist. To me, pop music is a magical form of communication. It has the power to transform transitory things into the tangible world and help them to take on other forms and expand. That’s why perfect picture became the song that gives the title to the album. I really feel like it grabs me. It’s not just a part of me, it’s all the layers that make up me at the bottom.” perfect picture Go on sale October 6.


5. Jean Dawson, no scope + x-ray + hassle

jean dawson Tres Nuevas Canciones are played today: no scope, x-ray and trouble make the second part of the title trilogy Destruction For Dummies, Pt. 2 Jean Dawson As Nightmare, Currently working in support of American rapper trippy red, subjects follow Xscape PT. 1 Jean Dawson as Phoenix which included young+y delusional world championand 2022 album Chaos Now*, Listen to the track above.


6. iAddress + Mac DeMarco, the dark prince

eye dress in solitude mac demarco for single set The Dark Prince. Their collaboration was accompanied by a video in which the two joked about a medieval-looking castle, played with swords and donned mirrored masks. Seek Continuity. The theme of the Iaddress is as follows teen Mom, which fell last month. Earlier this year, Kevin Shields In my Bloody Valentine remezclo House of cards His last long term project, full time lover, On his part, DeMarco published his album Enro. five easy hot dogs Mainly instrumental.

7. John the Baptist world music radio

john batiste sequel launching today we are of 2021, which won the 2022 Grammy Award for Album of the Year. world music radio is counted in association with Lana Del Rey, Lil Wayne, Kenny G, JID, NuGenes, Fireboy DML, Camilo and Rita Payce. ,world music radio It is a concept album that has a place in the interstellar regions of the universe”, Batiste explained in a statement. The listener is guided through the album by a griot interstellar traveler billy bob bo bob, which takes you around the world through sound at the speed of light. I made this album with a sense of liberation in my life and a new sense of exploration of my personality, my work and the world around me like never before.


8. Madison Beer, Wandering

madison beer I also arrived today with a new single, Wandering, It is the last cut from his upcoming album, which was announced recently. silence between songs Will be available for sale on September 15, and was already announced with the track home for another, Of the launch, Madison says: “This song is a reflection of a time when everything seemed stagnant. I felt like each day was a cycle and I was stuck in such an anxious space, but I was finally able to track the thoughts and feelings in my head. I dreamed of a cinematographically and visually impactful video that brought these emotions to life, and I’m very proud of what we created.

9. Flo Millie, hot box

Last artist on today’s list, flo millyFrom Tuerka twist to 2003 classic: Unforgettable milkshake In kelis, in your new theme hot box. Yendo un paso mas alla, también pays tribute to the track with its accompanying music video, which features flo milly She is the driver/owner of an ice cream truck that sells meringada with the help of a pair of attractive chambermaids. Flo steps out to reveal her own look, a super-cut jean skirt and ultra-skimmed top that looks like it came out of a 2000s time machine.

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