Best LGBTQIA+ Productions of the Year (So Far)

Year after year, the LGTBQIA+ community gains more representation in the landscape Mainstreamconquering a niche that, a few decades ago, was confined to a supporting and stereotyped role.

While there are many points that need improvement, especially with regard to non-binary people and transgender people, it is remarkable how the characters, title by title, become more complex, believable, and riddled with personal problems that are rooted in bias. go beyond. Extending to everyday barriers through which members of this community feel represented.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a short list listing LGBTQIA+ Production of the Year (So ​​far).

Check out our picks below and let us know which is your favorite:

8. Heartstopper – Season 2

“Most notably, while avoiding the formulaic constructs of romantic productions of the genre, the story brings to light a healthy relationship that, despite the odds, knows how to change and resolve situations in a responsible and mature manner. behaviour. Nick and Charlie hide a few things that at first don’t impress them – but slowly turn into an inevitable avalanche. For example, Nick suffers from his father’s absence and his brother’s adverse treatment; Charlie, in turn, does not know how to deal with the bullying suffered by Ben or the eating disorder, which leaves him without the desire to eat unless he is suffering from extreme weakness. Each topic is treated with respect and, although they may seem superficial, they serve as a starting point for much-needed conversations today” – Tamil Nadu

7. Auspicious Sign – Season 2

first season of agar ‘lucky cue’ We get the impression that Crowley (David Tennant) and azalea (michael sheen) nurtured a feeling greater than friendship, expanded the incredible mythology created by the second circle Neil Gaiman To confirm our suspicions. Of course, the production’s plot doesn’t just stop there, but bets on the priceless chemistry between the protagonists to create a passionate subplot that builds up to the final moments – and in the most tragic way possible. Even though they profess their love for each other, Crowley and Aziraphale go their separate ways, hoping to meet again in the future.

6. Nimona

“See also:

‘Nimona’ Became one of the best animations of the year – maybe the best. In the plot, Nimona, a teenager with the power of metamorphosis, becomes a knight’s target for assassination. Shoorveer’s mission to kill Nimona gets complicated when he is accused of a crime and he learns that only the young woman can clear him. And, within this fun universe, we have the complicated love story between the blameless knight, Ballister, who is voiced by riz ahmedand Ambrosius Goldenloin, voiced by Champion Knight Eugene Lee Yang and Ballister’s lover.

5. Twins: Morbid Similarity

“First, Ellie (Rachel Weisz) exhibits a greater degree of independence than her sister, sometimes forgetting her morals and letting her mind take her – having sex with strangers in bars and clubs, taking a variety of drugs and using psychotropic substances Participating in sports that don’t even appear to shake your confidence. However, this is Beverly (Wise) who emerges as the centerpiece of a complex and mysterious structure, standing as the bedrock that sustains the personal and professional relationship between them — well, there’s a scene in which Ellie spirals into a mixture of hatred and resentment. happens when his sister decides to spend a few days with her girlfriend Genevieve (Britney Oldford), even committing reprehensible acts because of not knowing how to ‘live’ without their other half” – Tamil Nadu

4. Red, white and blue blood

“If we think about the romantic genre, then the premise mentioned in the above paragraph has already been seen countless times. However, the film does not aim to bring anything new to these stories, but to offer a different perspective by taking advantage of the growing LGBTQIA+ representation in the media that has only recently begun to gain visibility. Alex and Henry must behave as they were taught, even though the prince has more to lose due to his position and the burden of the crown on his head. But that doesn’t stop her from chasing her dreams; Although he is not an anonymous person, he has a right to be happy – and he finds this unexpected happiness in Alex’s naked and relaxed personality. And the American, in turn, sees in Henry someone who can balance his constant lack of sanity (and who brightens his days like no one else) – Tamil Nadu

3. Every body

Victory 97% approval But rotten Tomatoesdocumentary directed by Julie Cohen Another step forward in the representation of LGTBQIA+ in the cinematographic field emerged. The production, which deserves our full attention to understand the multiplicity of genders and sexual orientations around the planet, focuses on three individuals who have overcome shame, secrecy and unauthorized surgery during childhood to enjoy a successful adult life. Got it. Medical advice to hide their bodies and assume who they really were.

2. The Last of Us – Season 1

‘The Last of Us’ It premiered at the beginning of the year and in no time became one of the best series of the century. and, within the incredible scope created by Craig Mazinwe have a deep representation Weird who comes with Ellie (Bella Ramsey), a young lesbian girl who is the only key to saving humanity from the ongoing fungal epidemic that has affected humanity. And not only that: we have Frank (Murray Bartlett) and Bill (Nick Offerman), established as one of the best episodes of the decade due to its intense plot.

1. Blue Jean

“It is quite possible that the feature film didn’t come under his radar; However, at a time when history is repeating itself and extremist governments around the world are once again attacking the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community. Now, Jean finds herself in a pressure cooker, in which she must decide to remain hidden and merge with the part of the population that does not suffer from the policies adopted by the English Parliament, or accept who she is and He has the opportunity to watch the world change before his very eyes. It is notable how the narrative appears to mirror the pro-fascist efforts of the Italian Parliament, with Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni presenting a medieval prospect for the country’s odious individuals” – Tamil Nadu

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