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“Mojabi Ghost”is the fifth song chosen from the new album and the main sensillo Tawny, “Date”, It captures the essence of synth-pop and electronic elements from its inspiration in the 80s New Age. Visually, Tani’s inspiration is Japanese surrealist anime.

The song has fragrance as inspiration “Mojave Ghost” from brand byredo, which aims to transform memories and emotions into products and experiences. Yes, I am one of the lost elements of what is known as a la canción (or la musica en general), or what I want to be magico de la musica Each person can interpret it and live it according to their own personal experiences. Whether by the lyrics of the song, or just by how it makes us feel like a tune.

The magic of music lies in its ability to be interpreted and experienced by each individual in a unique way, whether through the lyrics, or simply how it makes us feel like a melody. in the song we can hear a A melancholic ballad that flows to soft and catchy beats.

meaning of the letter y

The meaning of the song does not necessarily match exactly with the same letter. as we said, It is open to interpretation based on our personal past experiences and how it makes us feel.

in the matter of “Mojabi Ghost” we know it’s about cut someone off (Best thing to say, longing for someone), probably broken heart after break upBut the line “And exchange glory and my wealth, just to know how you kiss” suggests a “Platonic” Romance where are you from wish someone who doesn’t have it Which doesn’t match your feelings.

in reality even an attempt is made to hide it an extra person is a personality that is a hublando,

smoking, drinking, cursing, showing off

I do not think about you

I don’t know who I am if I feel like this

don’t let me sleep

and ojla, ojla

sleep beautiful today, sleep with you today

He’s smoking, drinking and being with other people, while pretending that this “special someone” isn’t on his mind. accept yourself Deceiving Yourself by Denying Your Feelings for the Person, Moreover, these feelings torment him and do not allow him to sleep, but he continues to look forward to a pleasant sleep with this person.

los milon’ no aguentan el lanto

since i feel lonely in my room

when the balcony doesn’t seem so high

I want the fame, I want the room

And what will change in my glory and wealth?

just to know how you kiss

A real deal from my cabeza (eye, eye)

In this part of the letter, we know that Despite experiencing fame and wealth, he feels lonely.

ghost of mojave

Ni pa’ la calle hoy salgo otra ve’

The scent is present in the first line of the song and, along with all the other elements, it is a metaphorical representation of a “ghost” or something that follows her and she It symbolizes the emotional emptiness you are experiencing.

Mojave Ghost of BYREDO

Byredo is a European luxury brand was founded in Stockholm in 2006 by Ben Gorham, with the ambition of Convert memories and feelings into products and experiences.

A woody composition inspired by the Mojave Ghost Poignant Beauty of the Mojave Desert, In this xeric desert, there are rare plants that dare to bloom.

Did you like the full story behind Tawny and Bad Bunny’s song?

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