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Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny has four nominations for the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish.

El Boricua is the artist with the most nominations: album of the year Thief a summer without you artist of the Year, song of the year With “Titi me pregunto” and “La jampa” in collaboration with Archangel, and video clip of the year with “Ojitos Lindos” in collaboration with Bomba Estero and “Where She Goes”.

“Benito has stood out in recent years for its great influence and transformation on the urban landscape. His music defies conventions and combines different styles such as reggaeton, trap, salsa and hasta merengue, creating a fresh and avant-garde proposal that has revolutionized the music industry. His distinctive voice, catchy beats and visual style have turned him into a global personality. Songs like ‘Efecto’, ‘Titi Me Pregunto’, ‘Me Porto Bonito’ and ‘Ojitos Bonito’ have been playing continuously ever since El Conejo Malo published his fourth studio album, Un Verano Sin Ti, which became a worldwide hit. has risen to the top of the list. , published in Spanish by Rolling Stone on its social networks, along with the announcement of the Bad Bunny nominations.

Español has another puertorriqueño resident with nominations at the Rolling Stones Awards, with 2 nominations.

“In This Not America #Resident returns with a theme that highlights social issues. The song is known for its lyrics that reflect diverse Latin American cultures throughout history, addressing topics such as colonialism, slavery, imperialism and the word “America”, in addition to Childish Gambino’s reference to his lyrics. also mentioned with whom he shares the title. , Rolling Stone en Español hinted on its social network.

This is the first edition of the Rolling Stone Awards in Spanish which will be held in Miami on October 26.

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